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  1. Stupid me. I just made the terrible decision to go on my ex’s facebook. I knew it was a bad idea, but I still found myself looking at his stupid smug face and the pretty face of his stupid smug new girlfriend. FUCK. On the verge of tears, I came immediatly here and found this video. It helped. I don’t think I’m going to kill myself. Thanks Alexi.

  2. I expect another video for christmas which is EXACTLY as awesome as this one ;D

  3. Your sooo NOT gonna wear a costume! haha 😉 Have fun with your mom and…I never dressed up for halloween until last year and I totally pulled it off looking fabulous and glamourous ! And the least ridiculous of all,for sure , I dared myself and it worked!

  4. elisa! i love you! don’t hurt yourself in any way, shape, or form! call me on wed! you’re gonna get over this! i promise! you’re not alone… you have me! xoxoxoox

  5. Very good use of a sheer shirt. I love YOU!

  6. Oh my god I didn’t actually mean I was going to kill myself! I was just incredibly devastated and being melodromatic. I might call you on Wed. I’m in Australia, but I feel like talking to you will be completely worth my skype dollars.

  7. Alexi you look so beautiful! I’m totally loving the long hair. And the nail polish! Love you =)

  8. I went home with Zorro and he showed me how he uses the real life sword hidden in his pants.

  9. Your hair looks amazing!!! I love you!!


  11. thanks for the encouragement! it can be hard sometimes to embrace this time of the year, because it means no more summer warmth. It’s good to be reminded to enjoy the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and the cozy things like sweaters and hot cider.

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