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  1. I haven’t heard that much of the baby voice, but the first one kills me and yes, it has swept the nation. I live in Michigan. I’m not sure if it’s just dumbing oneself down as much as it’s about concealing who you really are and what you really think by talking like a dumbass.

  2. That was weird, my roommates and I were just talking about this last night, and they’re form all over the states. I think it’s an epidemic.

  3. Hi Alexi,

    A long time ago the baby voice was the normal voice, and no one could tell that I was anything other than what I had been as a four-year-old at seven. Then in sixth grade it started dropping off, and by the end of junior high I was the only one, or maybe one of a few still using the voice. At the time, I was completely unaware of the fact that it was strange or objectionable, but when high school started, I became hyper-aware. I wanted to stop using it then, but just like any accent it always comes back when I get emotional/angry/enthusiastic (the angry one is especially disconcerting to me). Now I’m happy, fine, and rarely think about ages five through seven, but when people tell me I’m fake because of the voice I always wonder how I would sound if none of that bad stuff had happened.

    But there are so many ways I would be different if it never happened, and I try to think of the good ones, like how I recognize that everyone has things that you wouldn’t know about until long after you initially became friends. I also know that people are never all bad or all good, and only by a measure of living in the moment can you get something pure. And maybe I can tack on the baby voice to that list, because the baby voice isn’t a barrier for me, and even though it started that way, it’s not a cry for help. The baby voice has become a part of my personality. Smiles, awareness, enthusiasm and yes, the baby voice are what I put into life, and in turn I am surrounded by people who want to be happy, enthusiastic and emotionally open. I am surrounded by people who want to live their lives.

    Love you, D

  4. This is amazing and so true. I live in NYC and I purposely avoid certain areas attatched to this voice. Girls trying to sound stupid, to appeal to boys. Talk about the digression of feminism.

  5. I thought I was the only one who noticed this..

  6. SO. TRUE!
    I accuse paris hilton of starting this ‘trend’ cause she talks JUST like the first voice you put up in this video. It has always irritated me when i heard Paris talk because she comes over as such a lame dumb girl, because of that voice!

    Thank god im not the only one who gets annoyed by this!

  7. my god this was so hilarious AND/BUT so true !

  8. if you haven’t seen it, watch the 30 Rock episode called “TGS Hates Women”… they do a great job making fun of the baby voice thing
    here’s a clip:

  9. I couldn’t agree more. Those voices are insanely annoying to me, and I could never take seriously or spend any time with a girl that talked like that. I’ve heard it used my several girls around here, and I instantly drop my estimation of their IQ as soon as I hear it.
    On another note, I just wanted to say that you have the most beautiful eyes and I could spend hours staring into them.

    Love you,

  10. O c’mon -you’re basically doing the same thing. Nice attempt at turning the tables. But you’re right, everyone hates it…

  11. i saw the title of this post and i immediately thought khloe kardashian…and then you brought it up. it was great.

  12. Alexi, thank you so much for putting this out there. Many women convince themselves that the baby voice represents a part of themselves like shyness or whatever but its just an excuse to not present themselves as the strong, independent, and courageous women that they have the potential to become. Baby voice reflects some deep issues regarding self esteem and it would be better to address those problems and overcome them than to hide behind a childlike facade.

  13. I think it’s kind of messed up that you associated the baby voice to be a product of molestation. I mean, you said “Maybe”, but still… I take that as an extreme offense. No, a baby voice is not something I possess, and I’m not super offended that you’re making fun of those voices because I think they’re very ridiculous, as well. HOWEVER, I think it’s completely preposterous that you would joke about something like being molested. Maybe because I was molested as a child by my babysitter’s husband and I’m currently trying to put him in jail. So yeah, lay off the molestation jokes. No one chooses to have that happen to them, and it’s not funny to just throw that word around like it’s meaningless.
    I’m a pretty big fan of your blog, and I have been for about two and a half years. But I’m definitely not impressed with your language choice.
    Think before you speak. I know I’m not the only one whose thinking, “Holy cow, did she really just make that comparison”?! We all walk different paths, so let’s keep it that way.

  14. Unfortunately all the girls who do this voice won’t think you’re talking about them.

  15. LMAO! Not that you point it out, I have heard that voice SO MANY TIMES!

  16. kathleen, lighten up & don’t make it about yourself.

  17. unfortunately the epidemic has spread to canada.

  18. I just fucking DIED. SO MANY GIRLS IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA DO THAT FIRST WEIRD SLOW DUMB voice. However, my family has told me I talk like a baby since I was a baby but I don’t feel like I talk like a damn baby I think sometimes my voice can just be soft, MAYBE, it might be because I’m part asian.. I don’t know, I don’t think I do, I think my voice is just little SOMETIMES if that even makes sense… but most of the time I think I sound pretty fucking normal.. but who really knows XOXO

  19. Sounds like Rachel Zoe.

  20. I just felt compelled to tell you that this annoying baby voice has spread as far as Ireland and it is so unbelievably annoying!
    Also have you noticed that often men will be unaware of how annoying a girl who speaks in a baby voice is?
    Worrying stuff, thank you for spreading the rant more people need to be made aware!

  21. What about the voice of Allyn Rachel Lichtenfeld, the woman that does the TV commercials for Toyota Venza,Walmart,eBay and McDonald’s (“I married a 14 year old”)? Is that a baby voice or just a shtick?

  22. HAHAHAH your impressions are sooo good.

  23. Its in the south too. We try real hard not to sound like hicks with our drawl. Add the baby voice and it becomes as big a caricature as the Larry the Cable Guy voice in guys.

  24. Kathleen, I think Alexi was refering to the fact that a lot of people get “stuck” in a time that they were traumatized and this can manifest itself in the form of the baby voice. She wasn’t making fun of molestation, she was recognizing the connection between the trauma and the effects it very often can have on girls.

  25. this epidemic may have originated in Korea, just jk, but it is DEF. all over there, most girls into their late 20’s talk like this or at least until they get married it seems..

  26. What do you have against Kristen Schaal?

  27. I hate that you don’t put this on youtube – vimeo doesn’t work on my iphone so I miss out on the awesomeness :'( HELP


  29. AMEN and THANK YOU for putting this out there in the world! I was starting to think I was the only one and perhaps a bit, oh, over-sensitive or maybe even insensitive to this.

    Now, please just hear me out before you immediately dismiss this observation but I want to lay at least a portion of the blame for this on, yeah I’m gonna say it, Nicki Minaj.

    I know gasp, swoon, everyone is in love with her and kisses her ass and thinks that she’s the greatest thing to happen to women’s empowerment in music since riot grrrl (which is honestly such a slight to the amazing history of the riot grrrl movement that I won’t even pursue it). And yes initially she made me bristle. She had the smell of really off-the-chart-praise-for-no-discernable-reason-ism. But, ok, I’ve gotten past my first impression and I can admit that she’s talented and her album is varied and yes she is certainly filling a void in the collective female voice at this time in music history.


    the reason I did initially find her so distasteful IS THE FUCKING BABY VOICE. When I first started hearing her so-called brilliant cameos on songs and had to suffer through every internet journalist on the planet falling over themselves about her one thing always stuck out, her gimmicky and lets be honest, kind of really cheezy shtick of going through all these different little voices and persona’s in her songs. Most prevalent of which was THE FUCKING BABY VOICE. And if you’re familiar with what I’m referring to then you know, it’s not just a little baby voice, it’s the full-on Betty Boop, little finger in the mouth, look up and left with your eyes, I’m sowwy I’m just a wittle cwute baby and I just don’t know any better so let me intentionally act ignorant and stupid to get what I want or get off the hook because I’m a pretty girl etc, etc

    In closing let me reiterate, after giving her a fair shake and listen I don’t feel as ill about her as a personality. She’s fine, I like some of her stuff and I’m sure she is a perfectly reasonable human being. In talking about this with people, I have seen that Nicki is apparently REALLY speaking some serious shit to the girls I know. That’s wonderful, god bless, whatever inspires people to create and be assertive and so forth, I’m all for it.

    But, when all is said and done, the thing that set me off on this fucking baby voice in the first place was her and I can’t help but think that her rather large and powerful place in girl world at this moment in time is, in part, inspiring some people in the wrong direction, i.e. the direction where they should speak like a fucking baby.

    thank you
    I apologize for the verbosity.

  30. LOL + AMEN
    p.s. the internet keeps telling me that my comment is too short but really all I wanted to express was my appreciation for you pointing out how annoying / bad the baby voice is FOR EVERYONE and that I was also entertained by your imitations. thank you.

  31. Hi, Alexi

    we have the same reason why we watch the Kardashians. It makes me numb and not thinking about anything too. You know, just to let other people’s life pass by (cos usually I only care about my life). I have some friends of mine who talk that way too, I can’t talk too long with them. So irritated by that. The sound of they laughing, whispering shits and stuff, so uninteresting (the bitter side of me talking) hehe. but when i watched your vid about it, I feel great. Like, at last, there is a person who feel like me. I love it. Make some more. haha

  32. THANK YOU GOD for talking about this.

  33. that’s funny because that’s exactly what you sound like to me.

  34. OMG what a total hater this girl is. Just bc u can’t get a guy Ur hating on the sexy baby voice, but that’s a REAL voice for literally tons of us and guys love my voice.

  35. OMG what a total hater this girl is. Just bc u can’t get a guy Ur hating on the sexy baby voice, but that’s a REAL voice for literally tons of us and guys love my voice.

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