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happy thanksgiving everybody: boys, girls, men, women. thank you so much for all of your wonderful support, readership, letters, voicemails, podcast listens, and spreading the word about here is a list of things i am thankful for:

•i’m thankful for my best platonic male friend. he knows who he is. he is my brother (from another mother) and my sounding board. he knows me better than anyone and is at times my sage/guru/voice of reason.

•i’m thankful for having beautiful areolas

•i’m thankful for my therapist who has changed my life dramatically. i’m a lot kinder to myself (and as a result of THAT, to others) and calmer than i used to be.

•i’m thankful for my health.

•i’m thankful for my mom and so happy that she’s happy and healthy and in love.

•i’m thankful for starting this website 3 years ago. i continue to be obsessed with it in the best way.

•i’m thankful for my podcast and being able to connect with people and feel like maybe i’m helping to make people feel understood, heard, and  less alone.

•i’m thankful for coffee, Americanos, and lattes.

•i’m thankful for urth cafe. more specifically, their bread and nonfat spanish honey lattes.

•i’m thankful for having a team of people who i refer to as ‘power players’ that i can turn to when i have questions about achieving my goals.

•i’m thankful for constantly having ideas and always making sure i push myself, even though sometimes it stresses me out because i put so much pressure on myself.

•i’m thankful that i finally like my body and am not so hard on myself and nit picky and my own worst enemy.

•i’m thankful for m cafe and the community table.

•i’m thankful for nice people.

•i’m thankful for the sense of community i feel in a town as big as hollywood.

•i’m thankful for american apparel, urban outfitters, madewell, j crew, apc, club Monaco, target, and wasteland. even though i know it’s politically incorrect for me to like those places so much.

•i’m thankful for pear cassis by fresh, even though they’ve discontinued it!

•i’m thankful for the nail polish: berry hard by essie.

•i’m thankful that men DO still exist! men who want to protect and make their woman’s life better.

•i’m thankful for men from texas.

•i’m thankful for scented candles.

•i’m thankful for having traveled so much in my life.

•i’m thankful that i’m spiritual but not religious.

•i’m thankful that i didn’t go to college and am not embarrassed by it.

•i’m thankful for Oprah, Joan didion, Bethany Frankel, cher, madonna, Joan rivers, dolly parton, Caroline myss, Chelsea handler, Rosanne bar, kathy griffin, gloria Steinem, tina turner, tina fey, Kristin wiig, Gilda radner, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Zoe, Sandra Bernhard, and other powerful women who inspire me, make me laugh, and are examples of how women are strong/funny/courageous/brave/talented, and can balance a family and a career.

•i’m thankful that my suicide attempt when i was 15 did not work.

•i’m thankful for ekhart tolle. in a way, he is my religion.

•i’m thankful i have a tight private.

•i’m thankful for whole foods.

•i’m thankful  i’m tall. 5’11.

•i’m thankful i don’t smoke.

•i’m thankful i love eating vegan/vegetarian, but am not so rigid and totally eat steak too.

•i’m thankful i never got aids or herpes, even though i’ve been very sexually active. knock on wood.

•i’m thankful i don’t do drugs. that stopped a LONG time ago.

•i’m thankful i don’t have acne.

•i’m thankful for my personality.

•i’m thankful for not being scared to ask questions when i don’t understand something.

•i’m thankful that even though i’m not perfect, i’m at least AWARE  of what my issues are and i have a strong desire and willingness to work on them and get better. for example: i can be very high-strung and tightly wound. i can get angry very easily. i need to learn how to relax. or at least breath and not act without taking at ,east 5 minutes before i send an angry response text or email . i need to pick my battles. i need to remember that the world is not out to get me and that everything is going to be ok and is exactly the way it needs to be. sheesh.

•i’m thankful or finally realizing/considering that everything i might believe to be true, things i regard as facts (‘the way it is’) that make up the foundation of my belief system, might not be true at all. very liberating and shocking all at once.

•i’m thankful i am a woman in los Angeles. i have things a lot easier than women in other parts of the world. this makes me both relieved and sad. there’s a reason the term #whitegirlproblems is a meme.

•i’m thankful i’m a searcher, a seeker; a person who is always thinking about what it all means, how i feel, what’s important, how i can be better, what i can do different, etc. sometimes this causes me to be very sensitive. but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

•i’m thankful that i’ve decided to toughen up and instead of shutting down when i feel as though people are making fun of me or being harsher than i’d like. i’m excited to rise above it, keep going, and show them they can’t shut me down.

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  1. I’m thankful that I finally have an IUD and I can have sex without worrying/a condom!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ALEXI! and I love you!!! you are an amazing amazing lady! happy thanksgiving this is exactly what I needed to wake up and realize there is way more to life than letting bullshit get to me & this has just inspired me to blog about my own blessing I’m thankful for. Woohoo for tight privates girl!!! RIGHT ON CHEERS 🙂

  3. What? No one is thankful for you? That sucks. I’m thankful for you. And your areolas.

  4. The Indian photo was taken by Danielle Yagodich if anyone is wondering. She’s another great female blogger and artist!

  5. I’m thankful for Danielle Yagodich. She’s truly an inspiring artist and photographer and an even more admirable person inside and out

  6. This was beautiful and so honest. I am thankful for mandarin oranges, that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on Netflix and that I managed to fall in love despite myself.

  7. What? Even if you have an IUD, always wear a condom!! Unless this is a tested partner…

  8. I’m thankful for you Alexi. And your awesome blog! 😀

  9. I’m thankful for this post that made me realize I went all of Thanksgiving day without once thinking about what I was thankful for! Bad. Better late then never, though: I’m thankful for my friends who make the holidays fantastic even when I’m 3,000 miles from my family. I’m also thankful for days spent curled up on the couch with mint tea and a pile of books. Thanks, Alexi

  10. And I´m thankful for your ” so thankful ” post because it inspires me to keep fighting for my dreams, thankful for your videos because they make me smile and thankful for your podcast that gives me company on days I feel alone!

  11. Now let us pray…


  13. i’m thankful for this blog because it is a constant reminder that i am not the only one dealing with real human problems/feelings/successes. i am thankful for the fact that i don’t know if we would be good friends in real life, but that i can look at this and think that, despite that fact, i am totally connected to you, which makes me feel way more connected to everyone. this blog is surprisingly pretty powerful. i have a wish though, which is that you would post your writing just a little more. i know you DO still post your writing, and you don’t owe it to anyone to post every day, but i WISH you would. if i could have just a little piece of raw human insight (preferably boy crazy insight) once a day, it would be a really cool thing.

  14. “thankful we are entirely ready to have GOD remove all these defects of character and be zombies no more” i’m kinda offended by the image here, dude. not sure why exactly. maybe its just too snide for me. kinda disgusting actually. thats just me tho…

  15. Alexi, out of interest, which modality/school is your therapist? e.g. psychoanalytic, CBT, etc.

  16. mostly superficial… i mean come on…

  17. @ tom -the ineffectual total waste of money upper-bourgeoisie school.

  18. To the people who make negative comments:
    It seems to me like you all go out of your way to make negative, snide comments on this blog, no?
    This IS a personal publication, so a level of ‘self interest’ or as some might even put it, ‘self centered-ness’, is required to start and maintain a blog of this variety. (I doubt you read this, Alexi, but this is NOT meant as an insult to you! I love you!)
    I understand that you all who write negative comments on this blog are completely entitled to your opinions. I completely respect those opinions. But maybe, instead of writing negative comments, you all can either:
    a) not write the comments and keep them to yourselves. Would you want someone to say the things you all write to you? Probably not.
    b) Spend your time doing something more productive. Like reading, or drawing, or online shopping, or reading a blog that you like more than this one, whatever!

    I too am going out of my way to comment on this blog; I spent more time then I would like to admit writing this response.

    I thought I would just put this out there.

    Comment away!

    P.S. Alexi, I love you! You’re doing awesome things! (Not that you need anyone’s feedback!)

  19. What if we substituted the fake sounding “I love you!” with the more authentic “get real!” sort of like they did in that McDonalds holiday commercial? McDonalds has been doing amazing things on TV! Not that they need the feedback! They are of the “everyone’s entitled to your own opinion so long as you don’t voice it” school too!

  20. Very cute Alexi… for real. I’m thankful for your blog. Keep it up.

  21. It might be a time consuming challenge to post here in his box, assuming you have a sub 80 IQ which I think is kinda sorta the demo here. Those bad tap water lifer types who need miss big sister bossy boss to tell them what to do…

  22. This comment is for the Thankful For where you say, “you’re AWARE of what your issues are.” Change “at ,east” to “at least.”

    Love the blog.

  23. I have an IQ of 140 and am a member of MENSA and it took me 15 minutes to type this comment box…

  24. I love your blog and thankful for it but not thankful for the offensive stereotyping of that photo.

  25. Agreed ^ soo not thankful for the photo either..
    we should be thankful for the awesome things in our life for sure, but yeah not for ignorant stereotypes being perpetuated regardless of being ironical..or not..i could go on but..

  26. Sorry you’re struggling, Bob. Best to not let “MENSA” know you’ve hit a fork in the road and became a mental retard.


  28. Can you make a post about your suicide attempt?

  29. Alexi, I’m thankful for your aureolas too, even though I’ve never seen them, they deserve to see the light of day anyway. I’m also thankful for Thandie Newton, whose have!

  30. Is it still a private if you post about it on the Internet?

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