BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 74):

1. eckhart tolle? more like ECKHART TOTALLY!

2. you’re ONLY as sick as your secrets.

3. every time you’re a dick, it creates a ripple effect! not only does your dick-ness make you feel bad/heated/angry for being dickly, but you can count on the person you’re being a dick to being weird and dickly to the person he/she runs into next. so think about what you’re putting out and creating in the world. people don’t exist in a bubble. we have affect one another… even when you think you couldn’t POSSIBLY!

4. such a lie: ‘whatever’s out is all we have.’ FUCK YOU!

5. always drive super slow over speed bumps to avoid boob saggage. you’ll thank me in 10 years.

6.  can’t find the time to work out? Park further away from your destination. Those extra footsteps all add up!

7. i know they say ‘life isn’t a dress rehearsal’, but even if it were, sweatpants still wouldn’t be ok.

8. don’t EVER use the term ‘butthurt’! it’s gross and unrefined. it’s very ‘hella’/san diago/oakland-esque. and those things aren’t good.

9. drinking alcohol during the day is NEVER ok. it’s like holding up a RED sign that says ‘i’m a loser!’ or best case scenario ‘i’m a WINNER with issues’.

10. whoa, exercise really does make you happier. It’s not just a sham.

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  2. You’ve made an enemy out of me Alexi. Because I’m hell’s Oakland for life. I guess you can say I’m butthurt over this.

  3. #3 is so true though

  4. Yo at least at H&M number four is not a lie! Everything goes out the day the get it.

  5. drinking during the day is really only cool if you’re in a hot locale and drinking sangria or some shit. anywhere and anything else just makes me sleepy.

  6. what about PINK victoria’s secret sweats

  7. Oh christ, ESPECIALLY not PINK vs sweats!

  8. Whoa hella is hella okay! As for day drinking, has no one done game days? football and beer hellooooo

  9. People ask my why I never wear sweatpants and I never get why. If you want to feel real comfy, wear tights, idiots!

  10. these are great! i agree about the sweatpants- not cute. neither is drinking during the day. exercise is the key to everything!!

  11. As someone who’s followed your blog since the beginning, I can honestly say it has become a real disappointment. I know you’re probably super focused on your “career” and on your way to becoming a relevant blogger/tv sensation but could you please put a little more thought into these? I used to look forward to them.

  12. Whoa Sandusky! Slow your roll on the high school tip, eh… Shit’s creepin’ me out.


  14. Day drinking is okay. What’s wrong with having a beer or something when you’re at a party or a sporting event? And mimosas? The best. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser.

    That’s kind of a harsh statement actually. Who are you to say people who enjoy a drink during the day are losers? Not everyone drinks, but calling people losers shows your character. People also don’t have issues just because they want a drink before dark.

  15. Drinking during the day rules about as hard as sleeveless t-shirts do.

  16. I don’t see why you can’t drink at maybe like a fancy brunch type thing.

  17. Nothing wrong with hella, butthurt or day drinking. But definitely agree with the sweatpants!! And yes, VS sweatpants are even worse! Knowing someone paid upwards of $50 for sweatpants makes me lol

  18. I work in retail and we normally don’t have anything in the back. Why would we keep shit in the back that can’t make money on? And why would we lie to you about ‘whatever’s out is all we have’? We’re trying to sell you shit, dumbie.

  19. omg girl. DO NOT put San Diego and Oakland into one category like that. That’s extremely disrespectful to people from the Bay Area. Like, that shit’s not cool.

  20. HAHA you talk stink about people from San Diego saying “butthurt” then you spell San Diego wrong. Also day time drinking is the best…brunch, mimosas, BBQs? who doesn’t like that stuff? not only that, but day time drinking is safer!!! you can get drunk and everything is still open. You can go eat or you can sit for a while instead of getting in the car and driving drunk. Not saying that driving drunk is the thing to do but come on, this is LA not the ideal place for getting a taxi and “nobody walks in LA”

  21. #8 What’s wrong with San Diego? It’s one of the most beautiful cities in this country. It’s also a Southern California spot that’s not full of vapid self-important wanna bes. Day drinking is fine at sport events, barbeques etc… I haven’t read one of these in a while because every time I do, you throw out some idiotic statement that teenage girls flip over and take as gospel. There’s also nothing wrong with Oakland or saying “hella” or saying “butthurt” or saying whatever the F anyone wants to say.

  22. don’t hate on hella. your post just lost all validity for that statement

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