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Listen, I really don’t ask for a lot. I write this blog, make silly videos giving my over the top opinions on stuff, write way too revealing stories about my thoughts/feelings/sexual experiences/relationships, i interview cute boys, write lists called ‘the blind leading the blind’, and do a weekly call in advice show called ‘Boycrazy Radio’… so ALL i’m saying is: if by any chance you feel like you’d like to get ME something for Christmas or the new year, then by ALL means… follow your gut! i love you a ton! and THIS would the PERFECT opportunity to show me how much you love me too! you can even chip in with like 12 friends or whatevs. no pressure. xoxo


•Large tortoise-shell wayfarers ray bans

•a bull horn

•The ORIGINAL beverly hills 90210 series on dvd

•Massage at Bahn Sabai (epic massage place on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, CA)

•Burberry ‘manston’ trench size 6 US trench – below the knee

•i-phone 5

•Creme de la mer eye cream

•Jumbo black classic Chanel bag with GOLD hardware

•Black Balenciaga ‘vellow’ bag

•Gift cards for Lingerie:

Victoria’s Secret

la perla

kiki of Montparnasse


agent provocateur 

•Gift cards for other stuff that makes me happy:

J Crew

Urban Outfitters

Club Monaco





M cafe


alexi wasser

po box 480876

LA CA 90048


email me:


just follow me on twitter @imboycrazy 

10 Responses to “boycrazy christmas wish list:”

  1. you forgot agent provocateur….

  2. You mean the iPhone 4s**?

  3. hahahaha..for some reason this kind of makes me like you less.

  4. ^^ she’s kindof joking.. (but not rlly)

  5. corporate pitch people are gross…. so is the word prezzies. and porking some hipster with a month-old smelly tampon crammed up your crotch? yukk. srrysly next time no share 2 much, k? ^

  6. i know, alexi is such a gross asshole!

  7. You should do an offical Amazon wishlist. All the porn stars have them listed on their sites, Facebooks, Twitters. Then if someone buys them something big ( I-Pad, $300 pair of shoes ) they post personal a thank you video or message.

    It makes being a creepy stalker who buys presents for actresses ( or whatever ) they’ve never met ( or never will meet ) soooo much easier.

  8. Usually love what you write but this is a bit pathetic – “jokingly” begging for presents from strangers over the internet, come on. Why don’t you ask your fans to donate to a charity or cause you support, rather than feeding into a ridiculous consumer holiday – because none of us have enough useless shit already.

  9. PLease let us know if you do get the presents !

  10. Wow, some people need to take it easy. I thought this post was such a cute approach! I’ll definitely think of you if I’m out shopping with some extra cash in my pocket. Love you Alexi! xo

    Ps. Good taste lady!

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