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PS: SweetSpot Labs has a special deal for all IMBOYCRAZY readers. They can go to and enter discount code “HALFOFF” at checkout for a 50% discount!

And check out the Sweetspot Labs FB page! They’re  giving out free products all the time!

You’ll thank me later!


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31 Responses to “ALEXI RECOMMENDS: sweetspot wipes!”


  2. IT’S CALLED YOUR VULVA! The term ‘vagina’ refers solely to the birth canal. Don’t get it twisted girl! Sheesh, women should know what their lady parts are called. And it’s not a ‘dank, dark place’- it is a beautiful thing we as women should be proud of, not ashamed of. Don’t spread vulva shame… Viva la Vulva!

  3. your a sick person.

  4. k is right. viva la vulva.

  5. alexi i love you but you totally got money for that from sweetspot!

  6. wow that pollover is a new level of ugly, even for a hipster like you.
    dont want to seem like i am just hating so: you site is big fun to read anyhow.

  7. how much did they pay you to do that?

  8. i dont mean that in a bad way– just a curious way. Go you for working it!

  9. get it girl, get it, get it guuurl

  10. you arent supposed to be things down there! it takes away the natural stuff and causes thrush and all that…

  11. Yes, @Jaclyn you’re completely right! And I prefer to smell like myself (which, I’ve been told smells great) and not like basil or lavender or whatever the hell these wipettes come in…
    @Alexi, this is not cool! You’re always about strong women who have such a positive attitude towards sex and this is all so reactionary! Hope at least they paid you well…

  12. Hay I love that pullover

  13. Selfish masturbating little monkey idiot! Let’s promote some more stupidity! YAY.

  14. that pull-over seems fine too me…
    but yeah, product placement is not cool. 🙁

  15. Alexi, I’m glad your readers are more clued on than you are. Seriously, this shit isn’t cool. I can wash my vagina properly thank you very much, and if you eat properly, you don’t need to some chemically manufactured spray to “balance your ph”.

    Also, what sexist crap that further promotes the idea that women’s vaginas are dirty etc. I will start using rubbish like this when men start using some type of dick spray.

    So fucking ridiculous.

  16. heh heh, sweet spot for you sweat spot, heheh…cool!

  17. are they still gonna pay you even though you admitted you’ve never even used their products?

  18. its for ladies who wipe back to front… if you know what I mean…

  19. annabelle makes a good point.
    but we all need to make a living.

  20. What to do when your big sister’s clearly and obviously blatantly totally starving herself! Best way to make a living nowadays is to be a total fraud and hope everyone buys it, Georgie boy…

  21. oh shut up all of you. i’m not getting paid. but i’m hoping they send me a bunch of stuff for free! i only shout out/endorse shit i actually use. RELAX boneheads. and yeah, thanks for the heads up, i hate that pullover too. xoxoxo

  22. huh? but you actually said that you don’t use these products. recommending them to your readers is one thing, but this blatant “shout out” for either money or free products (without even knowing if they’re any good (hint: they’re bullshit) is kind of dumb.


  24. alexi was CLEARLY joking when she said she doesn’t use these products! it’s called SARCASM you idiots! leave lexi alone!

  25. MAAN, you’re a creep -just listen to the beginning of the last “radio show.” And what’s with all this bullshit where corporate douche-bags and perverts can give “talks” at the local high schools and colleges when really what it is just marketing their useless crap. No one cares!

  26. Kids, kids, kids. “Natural” is smelly. Balls sweat, pussies ferment, underarms reek and I don’t care whether you’re sticking to a parsley-and-sunflower-seed diet or living on sunshine… your breath is not nice if you avoid brushing your teeth with a modern commercial toothpaste in the morning (though I *do* warn against the use of the neurotoxin Fluoride).

    Ever wonder why sexual intercourse had a rarely-refuted reputation for being “foul”, “bestial” and “dirty” in those dismal days before indoor plumbing came along? It wasn’t just the pernicious influence of the Desert Religions: Sex used to *stink*. That’s what they don’t show you in all those pert little Jane Austen flicks starring Kate Winslet and Keira Knightley: the aggregate stench from all those vintage unwashed cocks, cunts, arseholes and rotting teeth must have been Satanic.

    Speaking of which: not one of the Apostles had access to toilet paper; they had to wipe their asses on bushes. And then they had to burn the bushes. Think about it!

    Maybe these “Sweetspot Wipes” aren’t the ideal fix but I guarantee, from the vehemence of the responses here, that some of you could do with a nice long soak in Listermint. Et voila: someone other than a Hell’s Angel (or a European cheese aficionado) will be happy to go down on you! Well, maybe not “happy”… but…

  27. @stella i’m pretty sure alexi was joking when she said she didn’t use them

  28. Yeah, she totally uses them. Thanks for clarifying, Cassie. And Steven, you too. Everything makes sense now.

  29. Alexi, can you do a hair tutorial pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  30. Agree with TREVOR –

    Don’t miss the point and criticize Alexi for promoting people to keep themselves clean. Keep to yourself on how you clean your shit if you aren’t in agreement with her but why give her a hard time just because she’s willing, enough, to offer (she’s not even recommending) another option for those who want one?

    Listen to the guys that comment – and to an above commenter, I am sure she WILL cover dick spray for guys once that comes out as well. It’s Alexi

  31. I love how all Alexi’s little sycophant-minons think they can boss other people around too. (Actually, I don’t love it…)

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