BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 79):

1. men don’t like being told what to do or how to be. So find the man you have to do that LEAST with

2. sometimes you just have to rip it off like a band-aide and do something that’s sad but ultimately the best thing for your life/needs/overall happiness.

3. I hate how dogs always know you’re having your period.. and that you hate dogs.

4. 2012 is all about bold splashes of color on your face. By that, I mean red lipstick… not infected sperm.

5. sometimes all you wanna hear are beautiful things… Even if they’re all lies.

6. you’re not allowed to make fun of people for things that they were born with/can’t change. However, when it comes to bad choices they make while living their life… go right ahead and make fun of them all you want!

7. ear plugs are very oc. 2012 is all about shrinking, and ultimately closing up your plugs.

8. please don’t ride a motorcycle.

9. but I don’t WANT to be ‘linked in’.

10. you can’t take advice from people you don’t respect/or whose lifestyle choices you don’t agree with. but isn’t funny how ok these people are about doling out advice?

14 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 79):”

  1. 2012: The year my ears shrank and I didn’t catch a technicolor wad on my face.

  2. #2 story of my life right now.
    #5!!! RIGHT!? JUST SAY SOMETHING AMAZING TO ME FOR THE MOMENT. It’s all I’m asking for. I mean.. It’s not that fucking hard.
    #10. Those people.. I can’t even.. whatever.

  3. FYI-Really AMAZING matte hot pink lipstick coming out with the Shop Mac Collection referring to #4. I DIE. You should get it.

  4. #1, so much. SO MUCH.

  5. I like number 8.

  6. #7 applies to second holes too

  7. #4!!!!!! lol story of my life!!!!!!!!! is that weird

  8. whats wrong with 8?

  9. Alexi, did you write this?

  10. Brandon Boyd had plugs and he’s a fox but I guess the key word here is had :/

  11. @ Scott “men don’t like being told what to do or how to be. So find the man you have to do that LEAST with” Since you understand common placement, capitalization, and punctuation -maybe you could help this girl out, bro?

  12. But I love my ears

  13. I hate linked in.

  14. “men don’t like being told what to do or how to be. So find the man you have to do that LEAST with”

    FCKING YESSSS! This has always been my dating philosophy. Unfortunately this method has resulted in my having to dump men a whole lot. On to the next one baby!

    Linked in makes me feel corny. I signed up and within two minutes asked myself ‘What’s the point!?!’

    People who are dumber than you always feel entitled to give you unsolicited backwards ass advice. ALWAYS. I make it a point to respond “keep their worthless two cents to yourself” and am always shocked to see I’m the first person to command they STFU. People have no balls nowadays.

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