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It’s not that it’s bad to be alone (i should say ‘single’, not ‘alone’). it’s not. but the time just after a break up is a transitional period. one that requires getting used to not having someone to check in with/love/spend time with. it leaves you with an empty space in your heart. it doesn’t mean you’re weak or lame or anything. it just means you need to recover for a sec. i was sitting around talking to one of my best girlfriends who’s also single and we both agreed that it would just be nice to have a ‘crush’. neither of us do, but it would be nice. i suppose having a crush would be nice because it feeds the ego; makes you hopeful; makes you feel less alone. in a way, it roots you/is grounding. it takes the edge off occasional pangs of loneliness. at least having a crush gives you someone to hold in your heart… even when it’s not real, may never become real, and ultimately: you’re single and not tied to anyone.

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  1. Thx Alexi! BTW- WHO is in that amazing photo…

  2. jamie bochert and michael pitt <3

  3. “at least having a crush gives you someone to hold in your heart.” absolutely yes 🙂


  5. a nice short post.

  6. I haven’t had a proper crush on anyone in two years. I miss getting all giddy…and is that Michael Pitt.? Doesn’t really look like him, so strange.

  7. What do you do though. When you crush on someone,and that person maybe crushing not only on you,but several others.. is
    do you or should you express feelings to your crush

  8. <3 can relate to this so much

  9. i miss having a crush SO much. i think it’s the giddiness aspect of it all. thank goodness for awesome friends who love you regardless.

  10. My problem might be that I always have too many crushes. Is that at all possible. I guess I am forever-boy-crazy. Anyways, you have a great blog. Adorable stories, and insightful thoughts. xoxx

  11. maybe we should have a non sexual crush on each other whilst we find the actual crushes?
    sooo I’ll continue to surprise you with heartfelt whatsapps in the middle of the night.

  12. I agree with this 100%! It’s hard to go from boyfriend to zero. A nice little step in between is always fun 🙂

  13. I agree, but not only is a crush nice to have because it allows you to feel giddy whenever you think of that certain someone, but it GIVES YOU SOMETHING TO DO. I haven’t had a crush in so long, and I just miss having a boy to keep in the back of my mind.

    Life can be quite boring without feeling any emotions towards someone else.

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