BLOG » valentine wishes/birthday dreams:


•an epic make-out

•a meaningful experience with someone i like

•a trip to hawaii

•roses, tea roses, any flowers! i love flowers! sent to me as a surprise, or given to me whenever/however!

•dinner at mozza, matsuhisa, mortons, mastros, pace, lil doms

•coffee in the canyon, at joans on third, at urth

•drinks with my best friends

•karaoke with my best friends

•cake at sweet lady jane

•large black breakfast at tiffany’s style sunglasses

•large tortoise-shell wayfarers ray bans

•a bull horn

•burberry ‘manston’ trench coat size 6 US trench – below the knee


•creme de la mer eye cream

•jumbo black classic Chanel bag with GOLD hardware

•black Balenciaga ‘velo’ bag

•Gift cards for Lingerie:

la perla

kiki of Montparnasse

victoria’s secret 

•Gift cards for other stuff that makes me happy:

J Crew

Urban Outfitters

Club Monaco





M cafe


alexi wasser

po box 480876

LA CA 90048


email me:


just follow me on twitter @imboycrazy 

13 Responses to “valentine wishes/birthday dreams:”

  1. As to why you think your advice giving warrants wish lists for Christmas, Birthdays and other kitschy holidays is beyond me. Can’t you just stick to blogging?

  2. “Fatherless children have a hard time…”

  3. la perla has lovely things but they’re way too expensive for normal people to afford.

  4. guys, let’s pitch in to buy Alexi something from her list… more than 4,000 people read this, so if like 50, 40, 30, heck 20 of us pitch in like $5-$10 (anything!) we can get her something nice, the flowers, a gift card, wtvz (let’s just stick to the list).

    She makes us laugh and that’s priceless.

    Also, if you offend her in any way like Kendra above, go F! yourself. I love Alexi, we love Lexi, and if she wants to blog about her wishlist, then she has every right to do so.

    love you. bye.

    email thoughts (if you want to get in on this action) to We can set up a paypal or something.

  5. @Laura -once you snap out of your celebrity mind control, you may want to redirect your charitable good intentions over to a few starving kids Africa or Indiana or whatever…

  6. Hey, Alexi!! Discovered your f*cking hysterical blog a few days ago, aaaaaand today is my birthday! So, happy birthday, me and you. 🙂


  7. that video was fucking awesome.

  8. @nelson, how dare you? for all you know i am the most charitable person. why do people have to make things about a world issue?

    take that stick out of you ass, por favor. and how brave of you to not add a link.

  9. Happy birthday, it is my granddaughters also. I gave her X-men masterworks. A reprint or the original X-men comic books. Bring them up right.

    All I can offer you as a present is one of my songs if you go to my site. Pick one and I will dedicate it to you.

    “When you look at me” is what I would consider the perfect relationship.

  10. She posted her wishlist, why is that such a big deal. The fact that she said if anybody wants to get me anything from it is hilarious. She is probably being sarcastic as it’s pretty funny if complete strangers give you presents and who cares if she benefits from some idiot posting her something she wants. She isn’t forcing anybody and her request does not really come across as demanding. SHUT UP. Go Alexi.

  11. Lauren, are you from a non-english speaking country by chance? It’s not very polite. TRADITIONALLY, that is… Same goes for telling people to “shut up.”

  12. Gauche, Alexi, gauche.

  13. I am growing up faster than this blog is. It’s like, the boyfriend you loved but ultimately have to break up with because he’s beneath you. He’ll just have to go younger.

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