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my interview w/ Dave Franco for Oyster Magazine…

For Oyster #97, Alexi Wasser caught up with Dave Franco and she was pleased to find he didn’t pass on any of her questions:

It’s a beautiful fall day in California as I make my way towards Venice Beach to interview Dave Franco. (Yes, James’ adorable little bro — but that’s one of few times I’ll mention any other Francos. OK, Dave? Relax. You are your own person.) I am actually not as excited about this interview as I should be, probably because it’s taking place at the photographer’s house, and the photographer also happens to be my ex-boyfriend. Plus, he’s the only ex-boyfriend who’s broken up with me OVER THE PHONE — something Dave would never do.

Alexi Wasser: I have a bunch of questions. If any are inappropriate and you don’t want to answer, just say ‘pass’.
Dave Franco: [Laughs] Pass. Great.

You also have to tell me if there’s any lipstick on my teeth at any point.
Promise. You’re good, you’re good.

Now, I wasn’t gonna ask you anything about your brother, because I thought that must be completely annoying and you must get so sick of it…

But after watching that Five More Ways video [an interview Dave did with James for Esquire] and seeing you two in those Funny or Die ‘acting lessons’… As two actors who share the same last name, how exactly are you two different?
It’s one of those things where I almost want you to ask someone who knows the both of us to tell you that, otherwise I might come off sounding like an asshole. I’ll figure it out and get back to you. But yeah, we are very different.

What’s the worst thing about being interviewed?
The worst thing is that, when there isn’t a video component to it — because I’m kind of sarcastic and have a very dry sense of humour — a lot of the stuff I say can be misconstrued when it’s in print, and I feel like I’ve gotten into some trouble for that. You know? You make a casual remark under your breath, and it makes you sound like a prick.

Well, you’re lovely. I promise I’m not out to make you look like an asshole.

I’m a big fan of the short film you made with Christopher Mintz-Plasse [You’re So Hot]. Did you become friends with Christopher and Jonah Hill on Superbad?
No, I only worked on Superbad for a day. I met Chris briefly, but that’s not where we became friends. We became friends on Fright Night. On set we would play a game called ‘You’re So Hot’ where you stand ten feet apart from each other and you try to make the other person crack by saying the most homoerotic thing possible, and the goal is to make the other person laugh. So, after the movie was done, we decided that that game might make a funny short.

You also did a video called Go F*ck Yourself
Yes. That one’s interesting, because anytime someone brings it up to me, the fact that they’re bringing it up implies that they’ve literally seen me have sex with myself. So, it’s kinda hard to know how to respond [laughs]. But I guess I knew what I was getting into and… I don’t know. I guess I’m drawn to these videos that leave people…

Questioning your sexuality?
Not knowing what to feel. You know? It’s very uncomfortable. But that video is kind of sweet at points… My buddies I’ve grown up with called me out recently; they’re like, “I can’t even imagine what people who don’t know you think of you based on these videos.” I don’t know, I guess I try not to think about it. I’m just trying to make these videos that, I guess, are original, and make people at least feel something.

Has your sexuality been questioned as a result of the videos?
[Laughs] Of course! Have you seen the videos?

Well, I didn’t wanna come right out and say ‘are you gay’, but… are you gay?
[Laughs] No! I can say for the record that I am straight. But of course people are gonna wonder based on these videos, and I don’t blame them.

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reader submission: ‘the friend zone’

Dear Alexi,

I’m 20. I’m at my top choice college, have amazing friends, an awesome job, and, after years of misery and self-loathing a pretty fuckin’ solid self-esteem.

My biggest issue right now seems to be that, with almost every guy I’m interested in, I get slammed into that dreaded place known as “the friend zone.” I kind of hate the term “friend zone” because I feel like it’s really negative and too often used by “Nice Guys” who get super butthurt because women won’t sleep with them, when they actually just befriended them with the hopes of getting laid.

But honestly, it feels like no matter what I do, I can’t win. I’ve been honest and up front with how I felt and gotten the standard “Aw, I don’t feel that way about you, I think we should just be friends.”  I’ve sat back and done nothing, waiting for him to make the move, just to have it fizzle out.

Just a few weeks ago, I had my most brutal case:

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the blind leading the blind (part 83):

1. forever 21 should start carding.

2. the all girl hipster version of the band ‘slipknot’ would be called ‘sloppy topknot’.

3. you know what’s NOT ‘amazeballs’? the word ‘amazeballs’.

4. every once in a while you should go to the gap. But only once a while.

5. it’s easy to say ‘i love you’ when you don’t mean it.

6. as a single woman, you reach a certain point where you start thinking ‘is this the point where i decide to get a cat?’ i refuse to reach that point.

7. …however, if cats gave massages and manicures, i would totally get one.

8. ‘friend of a famous person’ is not a job title.

9. don’t ever say ‘food always tastes better when you’re eating alone’ out loud! girls: this’ll make you sound like a binge eating/secret eater/Cathy comic. and guys: this will make you seem like a creepy/tubby/sweaty/pot smoking/chronic masturbator…. even though it’s true! i mean, let’s face it: eating alone’s the BEST/WAY BETTER!

10. I don’t care what everyone else says about you. I like you!

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alexi recommends: BOBBIN BICYCLES

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! i JUST got a new bike from Bobbin Bicycles! well, not just. but i’ve been too busy riding it to write this post. anyways, it’s epic! it’s super chic and cool and red; and wherever i go, people stop me to ask me where i got it and all that. it’s the perfect tool for starting a conversation with a cute boy. relax, i know i don’t need to use boys as an incentive to ride a bike. of course not! i mean, bikes are also wonderful at helping you not be fat. it’s a win win all around.

Bobbin Bicycles is a London, England based company, started by a lovely couple who wanted to bring beautiful English style bicycles back into the city.

Bobbins are made with fenders, chain guards and internal gears so you can ride them in heels and skirts, or brogues and suits, dudes; to the park, the bar, the beach or anywhere you need to arrive looking hip/chic/cool/classy/pretty.

Bobbin Bicycles – Style Film from Miles Langley on Vimeo.

If you live in NYC, you can buy them this spring when they launch at Adeline Adeline on April 28, 2012 or just go to the BOBBIN BICYCLE website and get one there!

You can also:
follow them twitter @bobbinbicycles
‘like’ them on facebook

Florence Welch has one… and now i do too! Here’s the model i have: the Bobbin Birdie! it’s even customized for yours truly! So if you see me riding around town, and you WILL, honk your horn and say hello… OR just get your own epic BOBBIN BICYCLE and we’ll go riding together or better yet: WE’LL START A BIKE GANG and wear all white and take over the city! CAN’T WAIT! the power of bicycles! xoxo

my interview w/ Logan Lerman for Oyster Magazine…

For Oyster issue #95 Alexi Wasser caught up with heartthrob Logan Lerman (swoon) and touched on some very interesting topics including one night stands, older women and the ‘man pill’. If only he’d shown us his stomach too…

Not all that long ago, in a house nestled in the Hollywood Hills, I did something that will make me the envy of tweenage girls all over the world: I interviewed 19-year-old actor Logan Lerman (of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and The Three Musketeers). We discussed everything from girls, to dating, to love, to sex. Yes, I’m well aware that all of these topics come under the same umbrella, but these are the things I’d want to read about in an interview with a cute actor I had a crush on!

Alexi Wasser: So, I’m going to ask you a lot of questions, some of which are completely inappropriate and none of my business. Feel free to say “pass” when you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to answer. OK?
Logan Lerman: OK.

Is Logan Lerman your real name or a stage name?
It’s my real name. Everyone in my family has the initials LL.

Like the Kardashians with KK. What’s the craziest fan story you have?
I had someone who kept showing up at a hotel and slipping notes under my door, along with pictures they drew of me.

Do you have Google Alerts?
No. Do people do that? I can just read what everyone says about me online? Well, I mean, that would be uncomfortable; that would just make me feel like a complete asshole.

Robert Pattinson has admitted to having Google Alerts in an interview…
Really? Has he?

He has. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
I have a personal Facebook, but I’m not on Twitter.

As a male actor, do you suffer from body dysmorphia? Do you feel pressure to have a six-pack/eight-pack?
I don’t.

Do you have a six-pack? Can I see your stomach?
What? No! I don’t work out [laughs]. Next question.

Are you single?
I guess I’ll pass on that too.

What is the longest relationship you’ve ever been in? Eight months?
No, longer — two years.

What is a first date with you like? How do you woo a girl?
I haven’t been on many dates. I’ve had a few girlfriends, and those dates went well. I’ve never had, like, the ‘ideal date’, whatever that is.

Do you love the Lakers? Have you sat courtside yet? Have you ever taken a girl on a date to a Lakers game?
I like the Lakers. They’re my team, but I’m not a fan of basketball. I don’t really know much about basketball. I did sit courtside about seven years ago — not on a date, with my brother. He’s a huge Lakers fan and I got the seats when I was really young, when I was working on a TV show — Jack & Bobby — and the network got me the seats. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

You’re on a first date. Who pays and why?
Oh, I would always pay. Even for my friends. Even for, like, a girl who’s just a friend. It’s just the way I was raised.

That’s fantastic. You’d be surprised what’s going on out there in the world of dating.
It’s terrible.

You’re a Capricorn — what does that mean? Are you into astrology at all? Why are girls so into astrology?
I have no idea, and I have no idea.

Would you ever date, or make out with, or have sex with, a girl who is taller than you?
[Laughs] That’s funny! That’s hilarious! Yeah, definitely! There are a lot of girls I’m attracted to who are taller than me.

Are you a virgin?
I’m going to pass on that. I mean…

If it existed, would you take the ‘man pill’?
If it existed? Um, I can’t imagine that would be healthy for you… Hmm, if there was one, and it was safe, yes, I would take it. That would be very convenient.

As an actor, girls throw themselves at you, and you’re going to have the opportunity to have more casual sex than most. Are you excited about this? Or do you think casual one-night-stand sex will make you feel empty? Do men have feelings too?
Yes, men have feelings too, and yes, that would make me feel very empty. It’s not what I look for. I like to get to know a person … If it’s something so sudden, it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t sleep around.

What’s a huge turn-off for you with people in general?
Well, everyone has his or her pet peeves, but mine are really random. There’s nothing I really look for in someone that would irritate me. But, like, someone who uses a piano as a table would irritate me. I have a really odd, random list of things that would bother me, and that’s one of them — using it to put down your drinks, or as a piece of furniture, instead of playing it.

Who do you want to work with more than anything?
Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen brothers, Spike Jonze — filmmakers I really respect.

Did you originally sign onto The Three Musketeers because you misunderstood and thought the director was Paul Thomas Anderson [the actual director is Paul W.S. Anderson]? That happened to people I know with a directing duo called the Cohen brothers, but a different Cohen brothers.
[Laughs] No, that’s not why I took the film. A real deciding factor was my grandfather. As a young kid he had to leave his home in Germany and he only took a book or two with him … The Three Musketeers was one of them. He just loves the story, and I grew up watching the films with him because he loves the movies as well. You know, it meant a lot to him, and I really wanted to be a part of it. I want him to come to the premiere but it’s in London, and it’s hard for him to have the energy to fly…

Which role are you least proud of?
I’d love to be able to answer that… Give me a few years before I can answer that honestly.

In The Only Living Boy in New York, the upcoming modern take on The Graduate, your character has an affair with his father’s mistress, played by Olivia Wilde. Would you ever date an older woman in real life?
Yes. I’ve dated older women. I like older women. You know, it all depends on the person … I don’t have an age limit.

That’s great! You’re 19 — you should be dating older women and learning lots of new things.

What’s the worst thing about being interviewed?
Everything. I don’t know; it’s a weird thing. It’s very uncomfortable and you’re also constantly thinking about how you’re going to word something, or how something is going to be phrased. Having to think about that is a little… [He trails off because his phone vibrates — it’s his dad. He is a gentleman and presses ‘ignore’.]

So, you have an actual ‘momager’. What’s that like?
It’s a weird relationship; you can’t deny that. It’s odd working with your mother growing up. But I’m glad … because it made me much more… I feel more grounded. Her being present kept me from becoming… from avoiding that trauma that young actors tend go through. I appreciated having my mom around and all the sacrifices she made for my career: travelling with me as a kid, going to these locations, living in Memphis for three months. She was an economics major at UCLA. She worked in the art world in Los Angeles. She had a different life, doing all of her own things. To selflessly let me pursue my dream at a young age, and for her to help me and be there for me, is something I can’t thank her enough for. But it’s very difficult for a young person to be around their mother that often.

Are your parents together?
No, they’re divorced. But I’m very close with both sides of my family. They chose to live close to each other.

You’re still a kid, but when you’re older do you think you’ll want kids?
Who says I don’t have kids already?

Oh my fucking God! What? Do you?
No. But I’d love to have kids one day, of course.

Do you promise me you’ll never take drugs or smoke?

At this very moment, are you figuring out ways to get my phone number so you can take me out on a date, without your publicist or the photographer hearing?
Ha! You read my mind.

Words: Alexi Wasser
Photography: Nabil Elderkin
Fashion: Kelly Tomlinson
Grooming: John D.

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i haven’t even been able to successfully masturbate recently. i mean, if i was in the mood to even try, i would be successful at it… but i haven’t been. i’m walking around in the weirdest mood lately. sure. i just got an i-phone, so life can’t be ALL that bad. now i have more incentive to get in a car wreck while i’m pretending NOT to be: a) fascinated by how much my phone can do/ b) texting and driving. and ps: day one of owning the i-phone, when i’m not driving, i’m walking around los Angeles talking to anyone who will listen/crosses my path and saying things like ‘hey, do you have an i-phone?’ ‘yeah. why?’ ‘cuz, i just got one. so, yeah. i have one too now. it’s crazy, right?!’ while the person just looks at me with a deadpan expression thinking ‘this poor girl. where was she two years ago when i was as excited as she is now? poor thing. she can’t even partake in the collective excitement that passed her by.’ and then i say ‘do you have Siri?’ and that’s when i realize there’s an i-phone class system. and as much as i want to connect, i can’t; cuz we’re the same but different.

anyway, i-phone bullshit aside, i don’t know if it was the full moon the other day, or my recent break up, or mercury in retrograde or whatever else people are saying is causing the general collective moodiness… but i feel weird. i feel like i’ve been sleep walking. i feel glazed over. i ALREADY blame my i-phone for that! to be fair, i should blame my blackberry too. the i-phone is just an intense chaser. regardless, here’s where i’m at: i’m watching too much tv. late nights up till 7am watching back to back episodes of the original Beverly hills 90210 on dvd; every Kardashian show; mob wives; each and every ‘real housewives of…’ wherever, bravo Andy in the clubhouse; bettheny ever after; tmz; the soup; Chelsea lately; fuck… i even watched ‘shahs of sunset’! ‘SHAHS OF MOTHERFUCKING SUNSET!” i promised myself i wouldnt! BUT I DID! and when i tell my friends i was up till 7am and my eyes are burning, they get excited, thinking i was having sex or raging or having adventures – which i’m known to do. but no. i’ve been in a bizarro, glazed over, lethargic, haze these past ten days. ten days is it?

i’m trying  my hardest not to pick at bumps on my body that no one can see but me (i call this behavior ‘home surgery’/self sabotage) because I’m anxiety ridden and worried that my dreams aren’t gonna come true and that ultimately everything isn’t gonna be ok. i also think the picking is me subconsciously, but now consciously, trying to prevent myself from getting naked in front of strangers. this behavior isn’t new for me. it seems to always strike when i’m in between relationships. i just forget about this. i block it out. like how girls block out the warning signs that they’re gonna get their period… even though it happens every month. or how women (or so i’ve heard) block out how painful it is to give birth. cuz if they didn’t, they’d never have another kid again. i guess i block out my post break up behavior because if i didn’t i might never jump back into being in love again?

during this slump… i’ve found moments of warmth come while watching ‘something borrowed’ for the umpteenth time. i’ve even found myself literally saying to myself things like “John Krasinski is so likable. he’s the new tom hanks! i’m telling you!” and “this ginnifer goodwin girl has such a lovable face. i really adore her. i don’t even care that she spells her name all weird with a ‘g’ or whatevs.” and “this might be the best work Kate Hudson has ever done. for real. and yeah, i’m even factoring in her performance in ‘almost famous’ too, even.”

i still have no crush on anyone. i’m pissed and disenchanted that my ex boyfriend turned out to be what i hoped/thought he wasn’t when i first met him: a pussy. someone too sensitive and overall, someone not strong enough for me. someone who refused to see me clearly, but pretended to. someone who did himself the disservice of not being his true self around me because i intimidated him. all of this bums me out, because all i thought he was doing and all i wanted him to be was himself. all i wanted him to do was love me and not be phased by me and my sense of humor. i just wanted to accept him, and for him to accept me.

and now, these past few days, i’ve been catching myself falling into pockets of momentary disillusionment. momentary pockets of disenchantment where i question if anyone will ever love me again. if i’ll ever love anyone. i’ve thought: what’s the point? everything ends or gets shitty eventually anyway, so why even start again? why even try? and even when/if i do start dating again… even if it’s just because i want to have sex and be touched and kissed again… why invest my heart or any part of me emotionally? why do that? i see so many of my friends who are in lackluster relationships. they’re unhappy, and cheating, or fighting, or faking, or gloomy, or staying in their situation out of fear, or settling. what the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK!? it all looks so shitty! like everything’s doomed/has an expiration date.

right now, i’m not looking for a boyfriend… however, i am on the verge of being in dire need of sex again… but that’s just primal. i just feel ‘blah’. i’m trying though. trying to take the advice i’d give to a friend. i wake up and make coffee and shave my legs and make myself as cute as i can before i leave the house so i can trick myself into feeling good. so i can feel a bit sexy? i’m staying busy, and making lists, and checking things off on those goal lists. i’m focusing on work, i’m spending time with my family, and friends, and my i-phone. i’m making songs, and writing, and taking epsom salt baths, and playing drums, and trying new restaurants (and trying to balance THAT with not gaining too much weight). i’m staying up till 4am reading the Craigslist missed connections, and trolling Facebook/twitter, and reading, and going to the korean naked spa… i’m trying to distract myself; to fake it till i make it. i’m newly single-ish, not interested in anyone, AND i’m waiting to begin a job that’s around the corner… so the in between, down time is an uncomfortable feeling for me. i’m sleeping in late. have a hard time getting out of bed, etc. i know i said all this… but it just feels really unlike me. it feels like i have mono! i don’t, but it feels like i do! i know i am the perf candidate for mono, but i already had it in eighth grade! how DARE you!

one of my favorite things to do while i’m out and about, when i am finally able to get out of my goddamn front door, is smile at strangers who look all grumpy. and when we make eye contact, their grumpy face melts away into a smile. that makes me happy. that little moment has a ripple effect and not only does it make me feel less alone and connected to the world, it makes me feel like i made a little contribution. something as simple as eye contact and a smile.

my therapist tells me that this mood i’m in, this phase, is the quiet before the storm. i believe him. i have to. what else can i do? he says things like ‘everything is exactly as it needs to be’. he tells me to say this to myself when i’m panicked and am forgetting to breathe (which i often do). and so i say it aloud to myself, when no one’s looking/around. duh. and it actually does calm me. i tell myself that this hazy rut will pass and needs to exist for reasons i’ll understand later.

and overall, i know that no matter how bitter the taste in my mouth gets right now- regarding love and relationships- i’m a romantic. and when it’s right, it’s right. i’ll feel it/vibe it when i cross paths with whoever i’m meant to be sexxxing next or whoever i’m meant to love next. right now, i don’t think they’ll be the same person… but one day they will be. xoxo

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