BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 84):

1. This week it’s all about having lots of fascinating, cool, interesting male friends. it’s so much chicer to have lots of guy friends than to be locked down by a boyfriend!

2. Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean you have to be attracted to him!

3. What’s better: a Band-Aid on your face or a pimple? Because I’m leaning towards Band-Aid.

4. But don’t wear a band-aide on your face too often. You don’t want to start being referred to as ‘the Band-Aid face girl’: “so I heard you went out with band-aide face last night. How was that?”

5. One of the most wonderful simple pleasures/joys in life, is when you’re driving your car and listening to music and you see somebody walking down the street to the same beat as the music you’re listening to.

6. You know your friend’s disgusting when they’re more excited about peeling off a biore nose strip than anything else.

7. When a BOY says ‘I’ll call you tomorrow’, he texts you tomorrow. when a MAN says ‘i’ll call you tomorrow’, he calls you tomorrow.

8. Don’t shine a spotlight on things you don’t want people to notice. Stop talking about shit you don’t want people to pay attention to!

9. Instead if thinking ‘ugh, i always wear the same thing!’ or ‘i always wear the same nail polish. People will think I’m boring/poor/safe.’ start referring to things as your ‘signature look’! it turns a rut into something chic and cool!

10. Bras in the dryer? Are you fucking kidding me?

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2 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 84):”

  1. 4. Or you could just claim to be paying an homage to your favourite rapper Nelly…
    10. I agree, that’s just silly talk.

    Great blind leading the blind!

  2. 2. Seriously. I had that problem with Bruce Vilanch

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