BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 85):



1. Men love it when you tell them they have great calves. Trust me.

2. Dear Starbucks employee, I know you don’t care, but could you please not touch the part where I put my mouth with your dirty bare finger? xo, me

3. I know it makes you feel better to say ‘oh, she’s just jealous’ but sometimes people just don’t like you cuz you’re annoying and a horrible person.

4. every time I choose NOT to use a filter on a photo of my face before i instagram it… I feel a little bit better than everybody else.

5. Sometimes I fee like Emoji’s are totally condescending! Am I alone in this?

6. Fashion week in New York is to modelizers what Coachella in California is to groupies.

7. Wait, what? YOUR ringtone is marimba? No way! MY ringtone is marimba!

8. Dudes, girls don’t want to date you if you have a roommate. Especially if that roommate is your girlfriend.

9. I know what you’re thinking “Relax Alexi, it’s JUST Baja Fresh.” But man, when they get it right, they get it RIGHT!

10. You know a woman THINKS she’s really beautiful, when she’s ALWAYS late.

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  1. your boy crazy, but i see mostly pics of girls on this site

  2. Care to elaborate on the last one?

  3. Are these previously composed tweets??? Hmm, lolz, too much computer time…


  5. Show us another picture of your black clawed falcon talon with the iPhone. We’re interested; trust us…

  6. girlllll, what’s your instagram username?

  7. i told the boy i like that he had great calves
    he laughed at me and told me i was the weirdest person he knew

  8. Great calves, great forearms :) your blog is awesome! so inspiring. Some love from New Zealand readers xx

  9. I found a serendipitous RARITY though some mutual connections on Facebook (which I’m not on anymore), crystalizing everything I could possibly ask for. She’s a native Los Angeleno and we like all the same things. I used to do some occasionally producing in L.A., not exactly steady work, (and definitely not meaningful work) but now I’m almost mostly in the Midwest, where I’m buying an apartment building to live in so I can keep my housing expenses down. Recently, started an agrotourism business that basically proscribes me from moving to L.A. to give chase. My question is, how difficult is it to convince a girl, who is doing fairly well for herself, to leave her friends and family behind and get the fuck out of Babylon? My plan is to basically retire the girl so she can do what she wants with her life. Just not in L.A., at least… Not right now…


  10. WHAT THE FUCK ALEXI! why didn’t you tell us about Girls.

  11. Alexi I saw you on Girls! I legit thought “OMG I know her!” Which is kinda true I guess… love you xoxo

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