BLOG » tonight: ‘boycrazy radio’ CANCELED!

tonight/wednesday april 18, 2012 9pm pst

‘boycrazy radio’ is CANCELED!

as much as i hate missing my favorite weekly ritual, i have to cancel tonight so i can go out into the world and collect stories to write about in future posts! cuz if i don’t go out, get drunk, make-out, have sex, and have my pride/ego/vulnerability/and heart ripped out and turned upside down… how can i be a model for you to not be like?! i know! exactly!

but totally call in NEXT WEEK so we can discuss & solve all your love/life/dating problems

PS: you can always leave me a message on ‘boycrazy voicemail’ 1(888)666-2045

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PPPS: listen to previous episodes of ‘boycrazy radio’ below…

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7 Responses to “tonight: ‘boycrazy radio’ CANCELED!”

  1. This news alwayss makes me sad

  2. yeah why don’t you go get drunk get fuckt again listen to some mutherfuckin white girl RAP sounds so trendy goddamn it don’t worry about 35 years old its all for the experience hemmingway

  3. Is it OK if I’m girl crazy for Alexi Wasser

  4. Hey Alexi does my mom literally put bad shit on your site. I’m not Asian and there is a reason for that because Asians are nothing. Asians are just a bunch of pussies. If they want a fight they can have it at my house in Hesperia. Just stay where you are because you are not Asian. I will never tell you to go anywhere just keep my brother safe so all these scrooges quit messing with our head.

  5. ^what the fuck did that person just say ahaha

  6. “I encourage L.A. to stay away from the techno-pop of the day, that shit is gay…”
    –King Fantastic

  7. you like it, it likes you… bad guys are bad good guys are great… haters gonna hate, writers gonna write, fakers gonna fake, bourgies gonna bourge, go on another date… hammers gonna tour, child support late, dont care about the kids, down at dads wake, too much ron, tired stayin’ stayin’ baked, now he’s in caskie, just axe dr. drew. thug life baby.

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