BLOG » tonight: ‘boycrazy radio!’ (cancelled!)

tonight/wednesday may 30, 2012 9pm pst

join me during ‘boycrazy radio’

click here to listen

& totally call in so we can discuss & solve all your love/life/dating problems

all you have to do is dial
1(646) 378-0649
or call us toll-free

if you’re in another country, you can call in using gmail or Skype!


if you can’t call in during the live show, leave a message on ‘boycrazy voicemail’ 1(888)666-2045

& follow me on twitter while you’re at it!

ttyl, xoxo

ps: listen to previous episodes of ‘boycrazy radio’ below…

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4 Responses to “tonight: ‘boycrazy radio!’ (cancelled!)”

  1. i listen to boycrazy radio very often. i like it, it’s fun, whatever. you need to stop being rude to the callers. you do this passive aggressive thing where you make people feel stupid and bad and you aren’t very kind so i think you should work on that a little bit. really. i understand tough love but don’t be a bitch. i love you though. i do.

  2. I completely agree with the post above, I think you are condescending and I feel like, who are you to give people advice anyway? It’s entertaining once in a while, but fuck! Be fucking polite to the people who obviously need someone to talk to considering they’re calling a complete stranger.

  3. COMPLETELY agree with the posts above waking up to the facts: if-you-see-kay-eye-in-gee see-you-in-tea, pull out the self-righteous trendy card, tell me how you LOVE women… you LOVE everybody… righhhhhh… re-tweet it… losers.

    here’s some advice: there’s no BAND or l.a. commercial piece of twitter trash more important or beautiful than your own personal reality. their “JOB” is to essentially render your life unfulfilled by selling you an ILLUSION of a fake fantasy reality that doesn’t even exist -not even for them… that’s why they’re all so arrogant and MEAN…

  4. Celine no need to God about things you’re a doll…no not in that way…can’t speak to you right now…speak to you by your birthday…waiting for the town to get evicted…Anne Frank is way awesome looking forward to reading her massive diary

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