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  1. Such a good looking man! I like this idea, he reminds me a bit of my father. I think you’ve inspired me to ask MY 75 year old dad those same questions! 🙂

  2. No offense but your dads ideas are pretty fucked up :S. I’m pretty sure you don’t buy everything he says though. xxx

  3. jeeeezus your dad is a fucking bad ass! i mean, kind of sexist whack job with stone age ideals, probably super harsh but super entertaining.

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  5. That made me feel so uncomfortable. Your dad’s favourite thing about women is their pussies? That’s what he chooses to say to his daughter?

    Haven’t you written multiple times about how much you hate your dad?

  6. When I first started watching this I was so fucking grossed out that he would say ”their pussies” to his daughter, it’s creepy and gross.

    but.. then i decided that if he wasn’t your dad and was just some fuckin weird old dude I would really like his funny personality.

    So way to go, weird dad, for bein you.


  7. thought your dad was dead?

  8. also i dont understand why he has ”stone age ideals” people are saying.. strange. just sounded like normal shit to me – get married because it will make you feel good and shit and you want to have kids bc it’s a life changing experience… what’s stone age about that? !

  9. Wow, I actually like what this guy has to say. Looks like he’s in a hurry though. Super talented dude from historical times Los Angeles #openupandbleed

  10. I think he is telling the absolute truth. Guys generally don’t recognize how incredible women are until the guys get older and can spend a day and a night basking in their woman’s magnificence.

  11. ew! wtf! “their pussies”??? i think i’m gonna barf.


  13. Money talks, shit walks -that is some profound insight into the dating scene. I see his point, don’t think any one is interested in going back to being a “slave” though. Really what he’s taking about is one mode of slavery usurped by a more modern depressing form of techno slavery to the almighty dollar. Yeah, kids, wife, nice good pussy, that is what life is all about, but this is the only time you will find this information here.

  14. I thought he said he liked “their voices” hahaha!

  15. He reminds me of Hannibal Lecter.

  16. I was sure he said their voices too.But even if he said “their pussies”. Alexi is super open about sex and relationships and she mentioned several times that her conversations with Dad were raw and honest.

  17. Can tell the lack of sophistication of the camp followers here mostly on account of the void sense of history since no one seems to know who the fuck this guy is… Hollywood is all about riding on other people’s merit. Especially your DAD’S… So, yeah, let’s hate on this guy. Makes sense.

  18. WOW. He’s your Dad and he’s lucky you love him and the smartest thing you ever did was get that therapy.

  19. Well, seeing Alexis Wasser’s Jewish half was truly enlightening as to her constitution. I found Alexi Wasser’s father to be a very interesting and fascinating fellow who has true feelings of love and affection for his daughter. At the same time he is very proud of her and hopes her success for her ambitions for the future. He is someone who seems to validate Alexi however, this is not what Alexi professes in her writings. In Alexi’s vernacular, he is a very cool dude and seems to be a very nice man. I can’t wait till she interviews her mom.

    With Sentiments,

    Dr. Dan
    Assistant Producer

  20. Cumberly are you julian wasser? He took pics of famous people from the 60s-90s. Nothing since. Younger people don’t know who most of them were and don’t care. Plenty of other photographers took pics of those same famous people. He has always been an asshole to everyone he didn’t need things from. Dr. Dan, Julian was born Jewish and hasn’t been a practicing Jew since age 18. He hates Jews. You really don’t know shit about him.

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