BLOG » so you’ve decided to choose a SCREEN NAME…

7 Responses to “so you’ve decided to choose a SCREEN NAME…”

  1. I will never post as wannabeTucker again!

  2. Very well said and straight to the point.


    Dr. Dan
    Assistant Producer KABC Radio

  3. wait so this is no good?

  4. jejeje nwordssayfaggot was golden, i like u alexi wassr, u r prety and funny

  5. What’s hilarious about this is the fact you have “call in muthah-fuckahz!!!” in your very next post heading. You made my 5:58-6:00pm. Thank you for teaching me about internet professionalism.

  6. what about @gloryholes?

  7. love this post. lmao

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