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  1. what happened to boycrazy radio?

  2. The see-through and loosey goosey are my favesss but the under boob omg!, you’ve got a point there Alexi!

  3. Miss Wasser, I must say: THe girls are looking NICE and PERKY these days! You are doing a great job of keeping them pointed in the right direction!

  4. “TEN Dudes at a time!”

  5. this doesnt work for the A cups. Ladies if you want big boobs, have kids, but DONT breast feed.

  6. lazy, lazy…this video is from last year. Post more blind leading the blind and vids or just give up. really. And make it yours monday was a disaster too, maybe more dude of the day from intelligent interviewers but thats it. However i was happy to see you on Girls, i hope your show is progressing in some form.

  7. “C’mon every body!!! It’s July of last summer! 2010!! It’s time to let the girls out!”

  8. u r pretty, u r like the older sistr i jack 0ff 2 😉

  9. God Bless American Apparel

  10. Saw boobs so I clicked

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