BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 90):

1. a Gentleman ALWAYS pays for your morning after pill.

2. be uuber aware of how much time and energy you spend thinking about your crush. It could be detrimental and keep you from getting important things done.

3. one of my least favorite things is watching my friends in miserable/shitty relationships lie to each other, stay with one another too long, and pretend to be happy.

4. real friends don’t ask for rides to and from the airport. that’s what FAMILY, taxi’s, and car services are for.

5. dear ALL waiters and bus boys in AMERICA: please don’t take a persons plate away if the person/people they’re with are still eating!! it’s rude/wrong on so many levels/and just not proper etiquette! in europe waiters are actually professionally trained and this is a BIG no no. it makes people feel rushed, uncomfortable, etc.

6. Never call coffee ‘joe’.

7. If the death of steve jobs didn’t push you over the edge into finally buying an iPhone: you have no heart.

8. I’ve finally decided what it is i aspire to be in my late 40’s/early 50’s: a real housewife of NYC!

9. relax, take a breath. i know you feel rejected and alone, but don’t get angry. i mean, all he or she is guilty of is not loving you. And that’s ok.

10. if he makes you coffee with creme and sugar with a dash of cinnamon the first time you wake up at his house, but he ONLY gives you black coffee the morning after the next time you spend the night… he likes you less. way less. in fact, it’s probably over.

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pps: ‘boycrazy radio’ is CANCELED tonight.

ppps: please, never be ANYTHING like EITHER of the girls in this video.

Frienemies with Eliza Coupe from Eliza Coupe

6 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 90):”

  1. In regards to number 5, you should add “SOME” before European countries. Europe is big, has a lot of countries, and in some (as in mine), waiters do make you feel rushed and take your glass/plate away.

  2. Crazy ^^ Looks like an awesome ride!

  3. I like your blog but in regards to number 5 as well, in America, it depends on where you’re dining.

    Speaking as a server, some restaurants instill the idea of “full hands in, full hands out” meaning: servers need to pick up plates or glassware they see empty if they’re walking through a restaurant toward the kitchen.

    Management can even get angry with servers who don’t clear a table. I know where I work if my manager walked by one of my tables and saw two or three plates that were empty with napkins on top (regardless of whether or not someone else is still enjoying their food), he’d pick up the empty plates quietly and take note that I am not “pre-bussing” my tables and reprimand me later.

    Sorry if you’re bothered by that but we’re just doing our job. I don’t know how fine dining operates, but I’d imagine some work under the same notion of “full hands in, full hands out” and pre-bussing.

    America isn’t Europe.

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  5. hhahhaha you are amazing, that video is hilarious. love you

  6. Skinny (yet short) Hipster Mustache Dude payed for my morning after pill, yet he insists on calling me “dude” and texts things like “wanna chill?”.

    Skinny Tall Skater Intimidatingly Gorgeous Dude calls me “beautiful” and elaborates ingenious, funny texts yet he didn’t pay for morning after pill.


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