BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 91):

1. When drinking water always add lemon! It’ll make you feel like you’re super important and better than others! Even though you’re totally not!!!

2. When looking for a lie to get out of talking to someone; you can’t say your dad died AND you just found out you have cancer. you have to choose one or the other! Both are just too much!

3. When dining at a super authentic japanese restaurant, where everyone is asian but you, do you ever think ‘im in a room surrounded by horrible drivers’? Yeah, me neither! Cuz i’m not racist!!!

4. Years from now, I never want my mom to be mistaken for a homeless person.

5. My biggest fear is being spotted holding a yoga mat and wearing flip-flops in public.

6. Taking adderal and weighing yourself every hour ON the hour is such a rookie move.

7. Instead of texting ‘i got my period’ text ‘i got my .’ it’s way chicer.

8. Why do so many boys pace when they’re on the phone?

9. Dear boys, be the type of guy you would want your daughter to be with.

10. Next time, only take HALF the pill!!! you can always take the other half, but you can never go back after taking the WHOLE pill!

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8 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 91):”

  1. Hahaha! I love you.

  2. Unless the pill is the morning after pill. In which case you should DEFINITELY take the WHOLE pill.//love you ‘lexi!!

  3. “8. Why do so many boys pace when they’re on the phone?”

    LOL, guilty!

  4. DO NOT DRINK YOUR WATER WITH LEMON… I got 7 cavities that way. It is extremely bad for your teeth

  5. Aderall is a rookie mistake. Just don’t eat like a super duper model.

  6. #9 is how I try to be always

    thanks for putting that one up there


  8. #1: I never do things halfway, so I don’t drink water with lemon! I either drink plain water or full-fledged lemonade. Water with lemon just tastes lame!

    #5: Alexi, I want to see you wearing flip-flops…your feet are gorgeous & kissing sweet!

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