BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 92):

1. dudes, don’t ASK to kiss a girl. it TOTALLY ruins the moment and makes you look like a pussy.

2. It’s so nice when you see your ex’s new girlfriend and they’re a TOTAL downgrade. #youwin!

3. Please don’t refer to the city of Philadelphia as ‘Philly’. It’s so annoying. i can’t quite explain why, but i’ll try: it just makes me feel gross. it makes me think of Philly cheese steak sandwiches (which i’ve never tried, but just look yuck), and Philly cream cheese (which i don’t even dislike), or a character from the wrong side of the tracks in a sitcom from the 70’s that i’m not even sure existed. also, it’s like you’re trying to achieve some level of intimacy between you, and another person, and even the city of Philadelphia itself that doesn’t/will never exist; ‘oh, you’re from Philly?!  I’M from Philly!’

4. My best girlfriend thinks I should be ready to buy a house, but I’m barely in a place where I want to buy enough furniture to invite people over to my apartment.

5. Subconsciously, i think i’m always trying to be molly ringwald in ‘the breakfast club’ when i use chopsticks.

6. Guys, if you know a woman doesn’t like to hear “aw, you’re moody?! you must be about to start your period.” then you should ALSO know that she doesn’t want to hear you refer to an actress as hot either! #Somethingsarebetterleftunsaid

7. Listen, I know you hate yourself, but obsessively  weighing yourself at the end of each day will only make you feel worse. It’s down right CRUEL! You’re SUPPOSED to obsessively weigh yourself FIRST thing in the morning every day! that way there’s nothing in your stomach and you’ll be your lowest weight of the day! Hooray!

8. girls! eat more bananas in public! it totally makes guys think about blow jobs! isn’t that crazy? i know!

9. there’s a chicness to simplicity.

10. when getting ready for a date, only listen to songs that were written about YOU! it’ll really help your self confidence!

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  1. No one from Philly refers to it as Philadelphia. Tourist.

  2. what does molly ringwald do with the chopsticks?

  3. Alexi, is there boycrazyradio this week?!! You’re killing us.

  4. There was a time when i loved your site, but I’ve come to realize, in the 4 years you’ve been writing, you haven’t grown that much, but your readers have. Try to appreciate what’s important instead of this mindless advice. It’s embarrasing to watch you pat you’re own back. We get it you’re begging us all to take notice of you being hot and having money now. You know what’s actually attractive, humility and intellect. Also, please stop repeating yourself. We already know about breakfast club youve mentioned it a million times and we hear the same stories contantly. Im not trying to be rude im just disappointed and think its time for me to leave this site behind in my adolescence that was filled with needing.

  5. #1 I know what you’re getting at but don’t downplay consent!

  6. cant help but agree with the comment above..

    and number 4 My best girlfriend thinks I should be ready to buy a house, but I’m barely in a place where I want to buy enough furniture to invite people over to my apartment.” … um thats not advice or a tip or whatever, isn’t that what this section is for. I get I am not forced to read this, but I just used to really enjoy it. Great, your friend thinks you can buy a house. Neat…

  7. Your blogs have become unbelievably boring. I used to love you and everything you post, but now I’ve read pretty much everything you post on your site in previous posts before. Come up with something fresh, or you’ll lose a lot of bloggers, and I don’t want that to happen. For none of us.

  8. Very disappointed with your “Blind Leading The Blind” posts lately. I feel as if everyone also agree’s.

  9. 1. i think it’s kinda sweet.

  10. Everyone calls Philadelphia “Philly” wtf? Lol and how insecure do you have to be to get butthurt over your dude calling an actress hot? smh.

  11. No one requires you to eat a Philly cheese steak…but they’re good as far as I’m concerned. I spent a few years living near there, and I learned that the further you get from Philly, the lousier the steak sandwiches tend to be. That’s slowly changing, as a few restaurants spread around the country and carry good recipes with them, but still…
    Oh, and pizza steaks are even better…


  13. Disagree with #1, I think that’s totally cute.

  14. It’s called ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’, so all these allegedly enlightened people finding this boring can fuck off.
    Also have to agree with the ‘Philly’ thing, it makes me cringe.

  15. I am from Philadelphia and can honestly say that only the lamest people refer to it as Philly in any other context than ordering a cheese steak in another city, which is the only time it is acceptable (except you should really only order them in Philadelphia, so you wouldn’t even need to say Philly).

    It would be like if people from New York – or anybody – said they lived in ‘NYC’ which would be horrifying.

  16. alexi’s blog
    alexi’s rules


  17. What’s even more horrifying than “Philly” is when control freaks throw around the term “power-meeting” *and they’re being serious…

  18. I’m getting really sick of breaking down the haters…

  19. I almost never read the comments, but the majority of your fans are nuts, or living in iowa or somewhere else in the mid west. I’ve been reading this blog for like four yrs now and youre still so entertaining. I know you won’t change but just incase youre thinking of changing, don’t! And hurry with continuation of the story about the rapper!! Please

  20. Ya, lik, todally all those smart people fromthe coast ^

  21. A good one lexia. dang girl, you are in comercial after comercial.

  22. How can some of you people defend her? This woman (Alexi) is so simple minded and self centered its ridiculous. The only people that could possibly defend her are teen girls because they think the same immature way. Also Alexi, just for your information, an opinion isn’t fact so quit trying to pass it off like it is. Now I know what some of you will try to say to me, probably something like this: “Well what your saying is just your opinion too and it’s not fact so shut up and stop hating” well this is me stopping you from making yourself look stupid. I’m not hating i’m saying it how it is. Saying facts doesn’t make you a hater, so stop with ignorant comments like “haters make you famous”. Anyways nothing bothers me more than the fact that you go to high schools to give your ‘advice’. Try going to a college or just talking to anyone whose actually mature, I can guarantee that you won’t get the same reaction as you did at that one high school you went to (Which was probably your first and last high school visit most likely due to the staff not being as ignorant as the students). Also you contradict yourself with your ‘advice’. You say that you do all of this for your viewers and readers yet you give them the advice to “stop being such people pleasers”. Actions speak louder than words. Then you stress the fact of having a good screen name and yours is “imboycrazy” do you know how immature that sounds? If I was to guess your age based off of simply your screen name I would guess you were in middle school. I hope you realize your simply a mindless slutty bimbo that got lucky with a couple commercials and now think you are smart enough to give ‘advice’ because you feel like you ‘made it big’ because you’re on TV, and now you think you have a shot with these popular actors or musicians so your blatantly slutty with them in your interviews hoping to get with them. Sorry but your just a pretty face, that’s the whole reason your in commercials. If you had any good acting skills you would be in a movie or even a TV show, not commercials. The worst part about you is how high of a pedestal you seem to put yourself on. I would choose a girl whose intelligent, has humility, but is ugly over you. Now you’re going to try to rationalize this in as many ways as you can to try to get around accepting these facts and the quickest way to do that is to try making me seem irrelevant or discrediting me which the most common ways people do this is by classifying people as isolated from society, usually by being fat or a ‘looser’ but you stop you from being able to do that i’m going to link my facebook.

    Yes that really is me. Anyways back to you, telling kids they don’t need to do anything they don’t want to is so ignorant, I mean sure in sexual situations yeah, but to follow that as like a life mantra if you will is just so.. idiotic. If the whole world thought the way you did we would all be living in poverty simply trying to look good and get with every person we find attractive. Well I could continue to try to show you how wrong you are on so many levels but I just realized that you probably wouldn’t take any of this into consideration unless it came from someone you consider on ‘your level’ which you probably think is someone rich and famous, so I hope somebody of ‘your status’ comes along and talks some sense into you.

  23. I agree with what everyone’s saying. But let’s be real, it’s not like Alexi has any actual influence in people’s lives, other than maybe those who are on the same “level” as her (she may in fact be very smart but from her writing we can see that she appeals to an intellectually/emotionally immature audience).. I don’t think we have much to be worried or upset about. She’s just a young girl with impractical and childish priorities.

  24. Yeah, well the problem is this isn’t a normal girl –she runs in “elite” circles, she’s the offspring of at least one famous person, and I can tell you they are looking to spread this false reality on everybody –especially young kids– as a means of domination until the entire world is one big retarded cluster fuck. It’s called mental tyranny. Matrix slavery… Glad to see people on here calling it out. The influence might be minor now, but it has precipitous effect until one day you wake up and it’s all pervasive. (Already is..)


  26. I’ll admit it, I like reading the babble you project on this website every week, but it’s simply that: babble that I expect from a teenage socialite but get from an adult woman.

  27. Do how many talented dopes-ass young girls there are in L.A.? I don’t understand… I mean, seriously, REALLY good looking women who can paint and craft amazing original jewelry, like TALENT, you know what I’m saying? Special… But this I don’t get.

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