1. Amen to that!
    And that even goes to the old and ugly BTW: you should always have a plan and make your best to become a better person

  2. true. but the problem is that most girls will 4get this piece of advice the next day. that’s how things are, unfortunately.
    Lovers’ Shore

  3. most mature & real thing ive ever seen on this site

  4. In other words don’t be like Alexi Wasser. Seriously though take your own advice. Granted this is the first good advice iv’e seen you give so I don’t want to discourage it, but it’s better to lead by example than to say to do the exact opposite of what you actually do, see how that’s contradicting?

  5. Right, big shout out to .000002% of the population, none of which represent your statistical “demo.”

    Put me in a room full of vainglorious (YETWITHAL talentless) television spot actors and directors (typically one and the same), throw in a few GENRE producers, and a couple fat kids of celebrities and you’ll have a nice premise for the new Jean Paul Sartre play NO EXIT II… or was that CABIN II?

  6. There is a self-realization taking place with Alexi Wasser. Los Angeles attracts thousands of women from throughout the entire world. Of course, their goal is the elusive Hollywood dream and what they discover is that all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Secondly, when times are really economically good the population the life style menus expand exponentially, sometimes to the point of decadence. Like people in this depression people in the 1920’s prior to the first depression accustomed (spoiled) to the expanded life style menus they could not even be spoken to. When the economic situation collapse the life style menus drastically shrink to those that have lasted not only the test of time, but the worst of times.
    The last depression lasted 12 years, I am afraid this one will last about the same amount of time if not longer. People no longer have the luxury of doing what they want to do, but what they have to do and this for them is psychologically shocking. Those young ladies who rely on just their looks are in for a shocking surprise. Especially, in an economy (World Economy) that requires not only form, but substance, I am not talking about the moral and ethical constitution of an individual, but the skills and education that are required for a versatile negotiable trade. Time and again in the many roles and hats I have worn here in Los Angeles just to struggle for survival, I have seen women drawn and lured down a path by pop culture and have discovered its inevitable and horrific dead end. Oh! I could name some of the things that I am aware of, the perpetual alimony seekers (when men are out of work they cannot pay), the immediate gratification seekers, the one night standers, booty calls, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, mistresses etc. etc. etc. When they are 40 they are out on the streets with nothing. My recommendation to the gals and this is after my piece that I wrote that Alexi got mad at me regarding her exploits, follow Robert Frosts advice travel the road that is less trodden, the formula of life has a cruel way of teaching people a lesson and there are things that work and things that seem to fun, cool and work, but lead to an eventual dead end.
    For the naysayers, there are always there and like their predecessors they will vanish in to the midst of time. For them I would like to provide two poems regarding the role of women and their importance which has been much blurred by this pop culture. The first is called Eishes Chayil it is thousands of years old. A Eishes Chayil is an accomplished woman who combines many skills and attributes and always applies whatever is needed to do the task at hand. Though she carefully, energetically and efficiently manages her families, she is always aware of the poor man’s need. Grace and beauty are a gift of god and they do not last forever, But fear of God and achievement born of character development are the accomplished woman’s own possessions. The poem below is for the edification of Ms. Wasser’s audience and for Alexi herself.
    A Woman of Valor, who can find?
    Far beyond pearls is her value.
    Her husband heart relies on her
    She repays his good, but never his harm, all the days of her life.
    She seeks out wool and linen and her hands work willingly.
    She is like the trading ships, bringing food from afar.
    She gets up while it is still night to provide food for her household, and a fair share for her staff.
    She considers a field and purchases it, and plants a vineyard with the fruit of her labors.
    She invests herself with strength and makes her arms powerful.
    She senses that her trade is profitable; her light does not go out at night.
    She stretches out her hands to the distaff and her palms hold the spindle.
    She opens her hands to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.
    She has no fear of the snow for her household, for all her household is dressed in fine clothing.

    She makes her own bedspreads; her clothing is of fine linen and luxurious cloth.
    Her husband is known at the gates, where he sits with the elders of the land.
    She makes and sells linens; she supplies the merchants with sashes.
    She is robed in strength and dignity, and she smiles at the future.
    She opens her mouth with wisdom and a lesson of kindness is on her tongue.
    She looks after the conduct of her household and never tastes the bread of laziness.
    Her children rise up and make her happy; her husband praises her:
    “Many women have excelled, but you excel them all!”
    Strength and majesty are her raiment, she joyfully awaits the very last day.
    Her children arise and praise her, her husband, and he lauds her,
    Many daughters have amasses achievement, but you surpassed them all.
    Grace is elusive and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears God — she shall be praised.
    Give her credit for the fruit of her labors, and let her achievements praise her at the gates.
    The second poem, was from a book of inspiration given to my grandmother in the 1930’s , by Amelia Earhart (the famous female aviator) my grandmother was head of a fan club. Mrs. Earhart knowing the adversity women faced at the time circled a particular poems called the “The woman who understands” then as now I think it applies to what Ms. Wasser is so efficiently and effective communicating.
    The Woman Who Understands

    Somewhere she waits to make you win, your soul in her firm, white hands
    Somewhere the gods have made for you, the Woman Who Understands!

    As the tide went out she found him
    Lashed to a spar of Despair,
    The wreck of his Ship around him–
    The wreck of his Dreams in the air;
    Found him and loved him and gathered
    The soul of him close to her heart–
    The soul that had sailed an uncharted sea,
    The soul that had sought to win and be free–
    The soul of which _she_ was part!
    And there in the dusk she cried to the man,
    ‘Win your battle–you can, you can!’

    Broken by Fate, unrelenting,
    Scarred by the lashings of Chance;
    Bitter his heart–unrepenting–
    Hardened by Circumstance;
    Shadowed by Failure ever,
    Cursing, he would have died,
    But the touch of her hand, her strong warm hand,
    And her love of his soul, took full command,
    Just at the turn of the tide!
    Standing beside him, filled with trust,
    ‘Win!’ she whispered, ‘you must, you must!’

    Helping and loving and guiding,
    Urging when that were best,
    Holding her fears in hiding
    Deep in her quiet breast;
    This is the woman who kept him
    True to his standards lost,
    When, tossed in the storm and stress of strife,
    He thought himself through with the game of life
    And ready to pay the cost.
    Watching and guarding, whispering still,
    ‘Win you can–and you will, you will!’

    This is the story of ages,
    This is the Woman’s way;
    Wiser than seers or sages,
    Lifting us day by day;
    Facing all things with a courage
    Nothing can daunt or dim,
    Treading Life’s path, wherever it leads–
    Lined with flowers or choked with weeds,
    But ever with him–with him!
    Guidon–comrade–golden spur–
    The men who win are helped by _her_!

    Somewhere she waits, strong in belief, your soul in her firm, white hands:
    Thank well the gods, when she comes to you–the Woman Who Understands!
    Everard Jack Appleton.
    This was an excellent one Alexi Wasser, keep up the good work! Struggle and continue to grow and expand.
    Please feel free to comment anyone!
    Dr. Daniel Drabinsky
    Assistant Producer KABC Radio

  7. I want to be a mattress. Just kidding. This was a good reminder for me that was needed so thank you very much.

  8. People with not even Chick-a-file job skills sitting around waiting to make a movie like they’re Pete fucking Bogdanaovich, whining about it on Twitter in between sucking their own dicks. So much to aspire to…. The five grand in my ass pocket makes a better picture…

  9. the grossest thing about hwoodh is that there’s this all pervasive sort of friendly fascism in the fake culture entertainment industry where people are compelled to endlessly shower insincere compliments on people they don’t even like, which is kinda what you see going on in this video. at the same time there’s an aggressive marginalization of people who have actually talent and are smart, “oh don’t hire gianni from italy -he doesn’t speak english and HE’LL MAKE YOURE DAY LONGER… or don’t hire jill from kansas, the producers all say she’s a bitch, SHE’LL MAKE YOUR DAY LONGER…” and then they hire they douche bag friends. this is ow ou end up with 99% of the Edward Bernays style crap that comes out

  10. Unless you have the money to gamble for your own productions this is not a business for the neophyte and uninitiated. The people with the cash in the background are brutal, mean, realistic and cruel. Not to mention the narcissism that approaches down right evil. In my encounters with them its was BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR chilling, in my fights with them I have fought them huffing and puffing, just managing not to become one of the hollowed out human carcases they leave in their wake. For me the veteran it was innocence lost for the young women inexperienced may
    G-d have mercy on their soul because they won’t.


    Dr. Dan
    Assistant Producer
    KABC Radio

  11. your black bra and white shirt is driving me crazy alexi

  12. why do i feel like alexi is talking about herself when she mentioned “some girl who thinks i have no self worth because a guy isnt paying attention to me and i cant make a living off of my nice skin”

  13. very smart advice, but this applies to all young people trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. EDUCATION is always a good way to go.

    Ofcourse many young people always use the excuse that they don’t know what they want to do and it’s not worth spending money on education if you don’t know what it is you like. I think people should then take the tme to find themselves, figure out what they good at and what they like.

    great post.


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