6 Responses to “ALEXI RECOMMENDS: ‘Sex At Dawn’”

  1. Top 5 books I’ve ever read.

  2. I’ve been reading this book as well. Love, love, love, a good recommendation fo sho. Thanks for bein an awesome lady Alexi!

  3. You do realize that every major tenet in this book has been debunked by the evolutionary biology and anthropologic communities? Ah well, real science never makes for a best-seller.

  4. As an archaeologist it pains me to see facts presented with a huge bias and taken on face value by people who do not have the proper information to interpret it on their own.

  5. Great book. My mother {old school fem} recommended it…it does make so really sweeping assumptions, the premise is solid.

  6. lovely book, did you happen to hear about this on the Duncan Trussell podcast? the author was a guest and a great one at that. highly recc.


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