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  1. Oh my God, no comments so far!
    This movie’s wonderful, but isn’t it funny how the last line is the EXACT same line that ends Before Sunset?

  2. really? i had no idea! thanks for that insight!

  3. Just Netflixed this, and it totally made my day!

  4. oooow this movie changed my life I’ve seen it like 7 times

  5. girl this movie is in my top 5. i’ve seen it at least 20 times. so beautiful. let’s catch up soon.

  6. Thank you ! Just finished watching it and loved it !

    I´d love to get ore “Alexi Recommends”

    ps: The dude is soooooooooooo hot ! and i´m not even into french…

  7. Yea!
    Has been a favorite of mine for a while…thanks to you alexi!SO is before sunset & before sunrise.

    Has anyone seen 2 Days in New York? Not as good as the other movies mentioned (especially towards the end) but still cute. I love when US & French indie movies collide.


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