BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 93):

1. people fall into two categories: those who food pic, and those who don’t. which one are you? please say the latter.

2. it makes me so sad & disappointed when my girlfriends aren’t brave enough to be single and wait to find/choose someone better than the person they’re settling for.

3. sometimes a favorited tweet or an instagram ‘like’ is ALL you need.

4. horns exist for a reason! Not everyone’s an asshole for honking their horn! so get the fuck outta my way you slow-moving, confused, old, texting, bike riding, jay walking, skateboarding monster! jesus!

5. a GENTLEman always pays for your abortion. always.

6. if he gives you water with lemon when you come over to his house the first time, but he just gives you plain water the next time… he likes you less. but still more than the coffee guy. so, hang in there.

7. who the fuck eats candy bars???? gross! if you must, eat power bars! they’re unassuming candy bars in disguise! & you’ll feel MUCH less shameful when eating them  in public.

8. i’m not changing my mind about this: there’s NEVER a need to wear a scarf in los angeles. never. #clitoral hardoff

9. there’s nothing worse than sending someone a long, emotional text & getting a response like ‘k’ or ‘ha’ in return.

10. one of the most annoying things is when someone is way more alive via texting than they are in person.

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11 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 93):”

  1. 5. Agreed. Unless the gentleman has good reason to believe that he has nothing to do with the reason you need an abortion. Very few men like to fund the irresponsibility of others.

    7. Why the candy bar hate ? Zero bars are awesome. I could understand feeling shameful about eating a candy bar in public if you’re 300 lbs. and self-conscious about it… maybe. Otherwise, who gives a crap what shallow, judgmental people think about your snack choices ?

  2. Or #9 when they don’t reply at all 🙁

  3. Agree on the favourited tweet front.

  4. 1 and 3 could not have been said better

  5. oh god number 10

  6. Abortion is not a casual option or a plan B for most people, whether you are pro or con. So maybe you should think twice about promoting it so lightly when most your readers and listeners are of influential age. Abortion has both mental and physical negative consequences for both the boy and girl in the situation and should be taken serious.

  7. What’s with the arrested development style? That supposed to be hip? Girls, you want to find a date, then be an adult…

  8. yeah…#10 happened to me at an afterparty meeting this producer who had been super fun via txt/phonecalls but hella dead in person.

  9. SO TRUE, absolutely all of it. Love this post!

  10. There’s nothing wrong with number 10, some people are just introverted and you’re being totally UN-understanding.

  11. There’s nothing worse than sending a long emotional text. Wuss.

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