BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 94):

1. sometimes being covered in bruises isn’t cause for alarm, it just means you’re fun!!!

2. instead of saying dick, cock, or vagina; say ‘private’. it’s WAY more classy & gives the subtle impression that you’ve been molested. #mysterious

3. PG or not, i consider ALL pix sent from guys i’m not into: ‘dick pix’.

4. you can tell a lot about a person by who & what they retweet.

5. if a guy asks me to send him a sexy pic, I send this:

6. …but if he wants a NAKED pic, I send THIS:

7. get over the idea that 11AM is too early for a meeting.

8. if you ever hear me say “I’m dropping the baby weight” the only thing it will mean is that i decided to get an abortion.

9. dark chocolate is more high brow, but milk chocolate tastes better.

10. it’s ALWAYS the day you leave your house with no makeup on, thinking you look like a MESS, that a cute boy asks for your number. or it’s never that day.

14 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 94):”

  1. Yes, molestation is classy and mysterious….


  3. how is no. 5 funny exactly?

  4. or 5 for that matter. oh I get it, cause it would terrify him? you are ridiculously immature it seems or you’re running out of the funnies. usually your humor is self-deprecating in some sense which is why most people can relate- but those two pictures just say so much about how vapid you actually may be…that makes me sad. will no longer put in your link on my inbox when I get home from work to get a few laughs, just for your inane lack of awareness about who may or may not be following your blog, i.e. subsisting your income with their readership. also just generally your advice has gotten a little more i hate this i hate that instead of the way it used to be which was we girls do this, and isn’t funny when this, and the reason it was funny is because we thought we were the only ones. but lately i cant relate to most of your rants :/ hopefully you see the truth in mine, though.

  5. * or 6 for that mattr

  6. Hester, so.. I’m guessing you perceived 5 and 6 in a wrong way? what if she just wants to send a guy that photo because she thinks it’s flattering and would rather that than her very own.
    I’m digging the major cleavage and purple nips, why you don’t? ..or is it self-deprecating to you?

  7. I used to look forward to reading your blog, especially your Blind Leading The Blind posts…too bad they’re just progressively getting worse as the months go by. I keep hanging on to the hope that maybe this blog will be as funny and witty as it used to be, but at this point I feel like I am just wasting my time. Thanks for the good memories. Sorry to say I won’t be back. Good luck with everything

  8. Really “Hester”?! I simply MUST begin with the fact that your atrociously selective grammar makes me want to projectile vomit. And ‘vapid’ .. ‘inane’ .. *Look at the vocabulary on this guy!* I, quite seriously, doubt that >anyone< cares about what you can relate to. Maybe don't be such a weirdo next time? Oooor, 'for that mattr', just don't post anything?

  9. Haters will hate. Hahahahahaha!

  10. straight from alexi….trolling is grosss

    2. if you read a blog and it pisses you off, stop reading it. if you continue to read it, get upset, and comment like a raving lunatic- it means the following: you are a fucking retarded waster of time! on the other hand, if reading a blog makes you happy and entertains you, go right ahead!

  11. Hester,

    I will track you down and I will send you SO MANY cock pix…

  12. too many pretentious hipster douchbags :nothingtodohere:

  13. ugh alexi stop it you are embarrassing yourself.

  14. # 3 HAHAHHA
    #10, always!

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