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tonight/wednesday august 29, 2012 9pm pst

join me during ‘boycrazy radio’

with special guest Ariel Pink!

click here to listen

DON’T BE SHY! call in so we can discuss & solve all your love/sex/dating/life problems!

all you have to do is dial
1(646) 378-0649
or call toll-free

if you’re in another country, you can call in using gmail or Skype!

if you can’t call in during the live show, leave a message on ‘boycrazy voicemail’ 1(888)666-2045


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ttyl, xoxo

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3 Responses to “tonight: ‘Boycrazy Radio’ with Ariel Pink! Call in…”

  1. I love Ariel, love boy crazy radio, don’t love the combo…. it’s too difficult to discern three voices as they awkwardly interrupt on the phone. Give him his own segment or do it in the same room so you two can use intuition to prevent clumsiness/ not speak over one another.

  2. Dear Alexi, I have heard so many stories of my friends suffering from a narcissistic abusive boyfriend and thought
    it could be helpful to the girls following your blog on how
    to recognize an abusive narcissist and how to avoid him or
    help a friend who is in that sort of relationship. I copied
    a passage out of the text that pops up at the link a below.
    I think that link is very valuable. Debbie.
    The Art of Manipulation

    Interestingly narcissists are highly intelligent and extremely street cunning. They’ve been expertly hiding their damaged emotional self and navigating life with acute perception and mental analysis of their environment. Many narcissists know exactly how and when to appeal and what manipulative tactic is going to work best in which situation. High level narcissists are incredibly intuitive, manipulative, criminally minded and very dangerous.

    A narcissist can size up another individual, lure them into ‘trust’, and ascertain their weaknesses very quickly. Narcissists will get close and encourage you to share your innermost thoughts and secrets. Women, I have to admit, are extremely easy to disarm for full disclosure. Little do they know, that the narcissist is gathering intelligence to threaten you with, torment you with and manipulate you with at a later date. Beware of sharing your life story with anyone until you really get to know them!

    Narcissists work to a win/ lose strategy. They are parasitical in their approach and will take from outside sources and people whatever is necessary to sustain their false image. Narcissists work from a paradigm of self-absorbed entitlement. They believe their world is positioned to serve their insatiable needs. Many an individual who has connected to a narcissist has been sucked dry emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. No matter what is given it is never enough. The demands and expectations escalate and the narcissist is rarely content, appeased and fulfilled. If he is it’s only brief respite before the next surge for power and domination.

    The need for ‘artificial energy’ (taking for outside self in order to create self) is a bottomless pit. Dr. Paul Dobransky explains that the myth of vampires was originally modelled on the human pathological narcissist. Dr. Paul also describes narcissism in terms of astronomical science. He explains that when celestial bodies elevate to a level not self-sustainable they create vacuums around them which feed off and destroy surrounding celestial bodies. All of these metaphors make sense. Anyone who has been in love with a narcissist will testify that the experience left them lifeless.

  3. thank-you so much for this..this describes almost exactly the douche-bag a**hole I was entwined with the past months..and now to have a tangible explanation for his behaviour really helps to cut those last ‘feeling sorry for him’ threads..I do not wish this type of treatment/experience on anyone…such a waste of time and waste of a beautiful on-the-outside man, such a sad thing..but a damn good life lesson

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