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  1. completely agree.

  2. I only know one girl who tells the rambling sort of stories mentioned here, yet allllll of the guys I work with do it and get upset when I make fun of them for it???

  3. So he prefers a woman with her mouth taped shut? Not all girls are like this and I dislike it when all females get lumped into the category of the stereotypical chatty over-sharing ‘omg like totally’ girly girl.
    I know this is supposed to be funny, but I’m in a bad mood tonight.

  4. Ouch. I want to say I never do this but I guess we all do to some extent. It’s an interesting flaw he chose. Though I do think it is an overgeneralization.

  5. I hate to prove this guy right, but I do that. Woops.

  6. I’m a girl, and I hate girls that do this.

  7. well molly aren’t you quite the special snowflake then

  8. hahaaa @ yeah
    hahaaa @ yeah

  9. hahah this is awesome and so true. im so annoying.

  10. I agree and feel this way of acting is prevalent amongst women. If you were to ask me, they do it to assert themselves socially. It’s the beginning of “your woman is always right” training.

  11. That dude’s from Albuquerque!

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