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I met Austin and Michael at a party… at a few parties actually, before i finally sat down with them to do a Boycrazy interview on a very noisy day, outside M cafe on Melrose during a record heat wave in Los Angeles. i was instantly drawn to both of them! why? because they’re gorgeous, crazy tall, heterosexual (i’d love them just as much, if not MORE if they were GAY! how DARE you?), fashion forward/willing to take chances, and the perfect blend of old school gentlemen, and modern man sensitive/in tune with their feelings. we talked about a million things: the power switch between men and women, women being more emotionally closed off/guarded than men nowadays, dating, love, heartbreak, and meeting the best friend protocol. i chose to post about bff protocol.

later that day, after we’d done the interview, we all cruised (and by ‘cruised’, i mean ‘walked’ in our tight black denim) to Target, made jokes about how target should sell ‘Targaritas’, checked out popular vintage shop Jet Rag on La Brea, had hot dogs and tiny lemonades at Pinks, and then proceeded to see a bike rider get hit by an SUV, fly twenty feet in the air, fall to the pavement, and miraculously NOT die. i called the paramedics, and from then on it was unanimously unspoken, but understood, that me, Austin, and Michael would forever remain spiritual blood brothers and sisters because you can’t take someone else’s near death experience away from us. so don’t even try. i love you guys.

ps: you owe me for the lemonades. jk. but seriously. xoxo, me






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  1. yeah these boys know whats up. A new girl’s best look is to bring her hot friend.

  2. Hottest boys I’ve seen on this blog in awhile alexi.

  3. break me off a slice of those hard bodies

  4. can we like, friend them on facebook !?

  5. I will kill them ALLLLLLL
    Tell hamilton.

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