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tonight/wednesday october 17, 2012 9pm pst

join me during ‘boycrazy radio’

click here to listen

DON’T BE SHY! call in so we can discuss & solve all your love/sex/dating/life problems!

all you have to do is dial
1(646) 378-0649
or call toll-free

if you’re in another country, you can call in using gmail or Skype!

if you can’t call in during the live show, leave a message on ‘boycrazy voicemail’ (888)666-2045


follow me on twitter while you’re at it: @imboycrazy

ttyl, xoxo

ps: listen to previous episodes of ‘boycrazy radio’ below…

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One Response to “tonight: ‘boycrazy radio’ – call in! xoxo”

  1. I totally agree with the last caller. Focus less on boys more on yourself. I have been following this blog + radio show for a while. But i’m starting to grow tired of it. Because i realized how much healthier it is to focus on yourself. Also being a healthy (not extremis) religous person (or having really strong values) helps with not giving & needing external bullshit(validation, materialistic stuff)…but at the sametime keeps u from being a neurotic & narsasistic person.
    Its still fucking hard to do but it reminds u to be centered and meditating/praying can help u cut all the noise (in ur head or from outside.) and u hv said this before alexi…deep within yourself u know whats right for u. U just need to cut out all the noise…
    Also, Like u said rom-com, n cinderlla stories hv brainwashed us since we were little girls that “sme day our prince will come.” i still believe in love but i don’t believe in waiting, hoping and trying to find him. Do what u love do something with purpse have a social life and it will happen when u least expect it. I have faith in that.

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