Tonight/Wednesday November 21, 2012 9pm pst join me during ‘Boycrazy Radio’ with special guest Emma Koenig; writer & star of the video ‘Speed Dating’ (scroll up) and creator of the epic blawg and book ‘Fuck! I’m in My Twenties’ 


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8 Responses to “Tonight ‘BOYCRAZY RADIO’ w/ guest EMMA KOENIG (FUCK! I’M IN MY 20’S):”

  1. Lesson Learned: If you start off a relationship with, “I don’t know, what do you want to do…” it is destined for fail.

    Comparing your current girlfriend with your college sweet heart…that defines the first half of my twenties…ugh, why can’t she come back into my life…oh, sorry, I’m still not over it.

  2. wow, that was a pretty accurate depiction of me at 18&19.. ha. so glad to have moved on from that.

  3. This was an excellent little film very creative.

  4. every single love song ever, broken down and simply explained in a 4 minute video.

  5. that was so depressing! noooo

  6. My life on a weekly basis. Cry.

  7. haha brilliant!

  8. Ugh…she is so East coast…she looked East Coast…but she sounds it too…ugh…love your show though…just not your guest…

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