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1. Sometimes Iphone text bubbles and refreshing instagram/fb/emails/and twitter is the only hope you have.

2. Don’t go around hugging people if you reek of patchouli it’s unfair and you leave the person you’re hugging smelling like patchouli!

3. You know your boyfriend loves you when he notices you tweezed your eyebrows… OR that you’re dating a gay dude.

4. Hey sluts, if not getting your puss waxed is the only thing that will keep you from getting naked/having sex with a guy too soon, because you’d be embarrassed to be seen with retro bush (which i actually think is a cool vadge coif every so often, and isn’t even scary or off putting if the dude you’re with is into it too and man enough to handle it) then do what you need to do to control yourself. i fully support it! however, ultimately, getting waxed or not waxed should be for YOU- not a guy. also, don’t forget about how you always meet the babe of your dreams when you DON’T shave your legs OR your privates. ugh, you just CAN’T win! but I’m ranting. hope this didn’t leave you MORE confused! i know! me too! xo, me

5. Stop using the word slut! It’s totally offensive and a double standard. there’s no equivalent of the word for MEN, cuz men have permission to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it without being judged. Whereas if a woman has sex with however many people is too many… she’s deemed a ‘slut’. #double standards #stop using the word #totally lame & unfair

6. Only date guys who are capable of calling you on the phone AND leaving a voicemail message. There are only four men who fit this description in existence… your job is to find them.

7. Dudes: Uuber is the classiest way to get a girl out of your house. Look into it and hook that credit card up to your new account!

8. Flirting by tweeting at people you don’t know is such a desperate move!

9. Crush of the day @kanyewest

10. Margaritas in the fall? It’s just not seasonal! Do what you want, but I won’t be cheersing you!

13 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 100):”

  1. Hi Alexi,

    Love what you do, grl

    Must disagree on 8. I randomly met someone on Twitter a year and a half ago who is ridiculously smart and cool and we are still friends. If you spot someone who is ‘good’ at Twitter, join that convo

  2. it’s a joke isla kay. get it? that’s why she wrote ‘9. crush of the day @kanyewest’. she’s contradicting herself. that’s the joke. also, if you look at alexi’s twitter, she flirts with people all the time.

  3. Did you intentionally call girls sluts in number 4 and then tell us to stop using the word slut in number 5 orrr is that supposed to be some kind of joke I’m missing?

    Either way, I don’t really find it funny. I agree slut shaming is wrong, but I feel we can take the power out of the word by owning it ourselves. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to use the word for it’s negative connotation immediately before slapping the wrist of everyone that does it too.

  4. oh jesus. hannah, see my message to isla. it applies to you as well. it’s a joke.

  5. It’s “coif,” Alexi.


  6. Okay, two things.
    1. I used to look forward to these the most, but you’ve gotten too pretentious over the years. Cool it.
    2. You teased your blog followers by saying you were going to do an interview with Kyle Mooney. I just want to see the fucking video because he’s the coolest.

  7. What’s Uuber? I tried Googling it, but…I couldn’t figure this out. Thanks.

  8. Nevermind! I figured it out.

  9. Totally cool to call a dudeslut a slut.

  10. Thanks Alexi for 100 The blind leading the blind !

  11. THANK YOU for saying peeps should stop using the word ‘slut’ and talking about the double standard! GO ALEXI! <3

  12. The guy version of a slut is a creep. You’re welcome.

  13. voice messages are the worst. this isn’t 2003.

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