BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 98):

1. real success is when the only parties you go to don’t involve Facebook invites.

2. when frustrated by the fact that you can’t get the attention or the time from the person you have a crush on and really want to kiss/sexxx/love, don’t try to fill that void by putting your attention on and getting your ego stroked by someone else that you know you don’t care about. inviting another person into your life just to fill the void of the person you really want to be with will just cause more stress for yourself in the end. also, it’s being irresponsible with someone elses feelings. learn how to just be ok with being by yourself and waiting till the right person comes along; someone who’s actually available / worth your time and who reciprocates your love.

3. the biggest cock blocker a single guy can have is a baby.

4. don’t pick up your phone if you have people over or just can’t speak in general. it makes the person calling you (who may only be returning your phone call) feel like an asshole and awkwardly ushered off the phone. just don’t pick up! call when you’re fee and alone.

5. make sure you do all the creative stuff/work stuff that matters to you before you hang out and have fun with the person you’re dating. That way the time you spend with your bf/ gf is like a reward and you don’t end up quietly resenting them for all the accomplishments you’re not making. It’s not actually their fault, it’s yours for not taking care of/responsibility for yourself.

6. always have individual waters on hand at home. it AUTOMATICALLY makes you appear high brow/totes fancy.

7. girls: always be the youngest, the sexiest, and the most desirable! i mean, you’re a woman! That’s the goal isn’t it?

8. turns out listerine mint strips smell like cocaine upon entering your mouth. who knew? is this social suicide? not necessarily. instead, use people commenting on your temporary cocaine smell to get an idea of how many of your friends do/did cocaine!

9.YES! you should totally get self-conscious listening to Lana Del Rey with the windows rolled down while driving through Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park and/or the L.E.S. It just feels a little too on the nose, don’t you think?

10. if October MUST end… at least you can seek solace in the fact that Real Housewives of Bev Hillz AND Atlanta air in November!

7 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 98):”

  1. hey alexi, please nix #7 from the list, unless it is meant 100% sarcastically. it’s incredibly offensive to women.

  2. please don’t kid yourself mrry.

  3. I agree with mrry completely. Man – feel bad that youre so damn ignorant

  4. 5 is so true. I needed to hear that.

  5. #2 is just spot on. i love you

  6. you always always always get it on the dot with being truthful. disgustingly true, but needed.

  7. I always love reading your blind leading the blind posts. Thanks for making them so insightful and fun at the same time! I hope I’m as awesome and happy at my future job as you are.

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