BLOG » Things that keep me from wanting to die:

1. Flirting.

2. Eye fucking. It’s the safest sex ever, and sometimes even more intimate.

3. Holding eye contact with strangers in general. Feeling awkward is still a feeling, and it’s just nice to feel. Plus, you can think of it like a game: whoever looks away first loses.

4. Unprotected sex & not getting pregnant herpes aids.

5. Wandering in whole foods. Any whole foods.

6. Wandering in Target. Any Target.

7. Clear Band-Aids for black people on white people.

8. The sound of kids laughing… and knowing they aren’t my responsibility.

9. Sushi that doesn’t give you food poisoning.

10. Falling in love.

11. Horses: Looking at them and/or Riding them. NOT eating or fucking them.

12. My friends!

13. Loveline.

14. Men who are just as romantic as me.

15. Woody allen: Annie hall, Manhattan, Hannah and her sisters, etc.

16. Wonderland Avenue elementary school in Laurel Canyon.

17. Making out for hours and hours and talking about anything and everything with someone you can’t get enough of.

18. Roald dahl.

19. Judy blume: ‘just as long as we’re together’ is one my favorite books in the whole world!!!

20. Sex & the city!

21. Bike rides.

22. Malibu.

23. The belief that one day I will actually go to Hawaii, the Island of Mustique and Bora-Bora.

24. Hikes in Fryman canyon.

25. The books ‘thin skin’ & ‘name dropper’ by Emma Forrest.

26. ‘Sweet valley high’ books

27. Felicity. 

28. My so called life.

29. Beverly hills 90210 (the ORIGINAL series)

30. Goodform hair salon on Fairfax in LA! Jay diola (the owner) is straight with abs you could wash your clothes on; and if you ask nicely… he might even let you touch them!

31. Trails Cafe in Griffith park! I’ve never actually eaten there, but I’ve passed by and it looks adorable! I cant wait to go!

32. Naturewell on sunset: get a kale and coconut smoothie & a face melter! you’d be crazy not to/u WONT regret it! Actually, who knows? maybe you will.

33. My mom! She’s had way more sex and abortions than i’ve had (i’ve yet to have my first abortion)… And for that, i love her and have things to aspire to! How do you think i got this way? Actually, it’s more to do with my dad! And NO, i was NOT molested! how dare you! but what was wrong with ME?

34. The canyon country store! I even used to work there when i was in high school!

35. New York.

36. Central park.

37. Christmas trees.

38. Hot chocolate.

39. The movie ‘When harry met sally’

40. The movie ‘Broken english’

41. The movie ‘The anniversary party’

42. The movie ‘Dazed and confused’

43. Sex in cars.

44. Sex in really plush cozy beds.

45. Sex in hotel rooms.

46. The smell of a fireplace burning.

47. How the word ‘cozy’ makes me feel.

48. An hour-long, full body massage.

49. Manicures & pedicures at nail salons where the Asian ladies don’t talk shit about you behind your back, and won’t infect your toes and fingers.

50. Men who pay for dinner, even if they’re just you’re friend.

51. Heated pools.

52. Gregory at andy lecompte salon! He’s funny, flaming gay, gorgeous, looks like a hesher/90’s icon, and is a master at what he does… Hair and talking shit!

53. Halloween: hay rides, trick-or-treating in costumes, universal studios Halloween horror nights, pumpkin patches, and the change in weather and the leaves turning different colors.

54. The arclite. It’s the best theatre in Los Angeles.

55. Seeing movies alone.

56. Seeing a movie with someone i REALLY like.

57. That feeling when you first like someone and you haven’t kissed yet, and just holding hands makes you feel elated/light headed/ecstatic.

58. Fast times at ridgemont high

59. Frozen yogurt: anything vanilla-y & peanut buttery with butterfinger and Oreo toppings.

60. Bubble baths.

61. Epsom salt baths.

62. Baths in general.

63. Coffee!!! Huge white mugs of coffee with half n half! (variations on this include lattes and cappuccinos… But mainly NONFAT lattes)

64. Knowing that you’re good at something and that fact being reinforced by people you respect telling you they like what you do/respect you.

65. Being paid/making money doing something you love.

66. Really good bad tv. (personally, i’m talking about all the real housewife and kardashian shows).

67. Cafe gratitude: even though the names of some/all of the food is kind of ridiculous, and the fact that they make you say the names of the ridiculously named items on the menu out loud and ask you a question of the day is bogus – it’s still great, the food is epic & healthy, and the people who work there are nice!

68. Larchmont beauty center.

69. Malls! The Beverly center/the grove/malls in general.

70. Pace. Super cozy restaurant tucked away in Laurel Canyon with the best food ever. Never disappoints me.

71. Wasteland on Melrose! Ask for Ernest! He’s the best!

72. The Olympic spa! It’s just for girls cuz everyone walks around all naked and steams/soaks/scrubs it out! Whatever ‘it’ may be.

73. Universal Studios Tram Ride. Even though I was born and raised in Hollywood, that tram ride reminds me of why people come from all around the world, with big dreams, to live here.

74. My wonderful therapist who looks like santa claus: i enjoy our weekly, hour long conversations. he makes me calm. he gives me a sense of stability/routine. he puts things in perspective and has taught me how to be kind to myself/make adult decisions/and not be so frantic.

75. Being experienced enough to know that even if everything isn’t great NOW, time makes everything better and to remain hopeful.

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13 Responses to “Things that keep me from wanting to die:”

  1. Number 3 is my absolute favourite thing to do.

  2. Seeing that someone who just takes your breath completely away.

    The yearning to love and be loved. To touch her/him, to kiss that someone you adore. To feel their body next to yours. To smell them on you for hours after they have left.

    To have your heart set to music when you hear them speak your name.

    Great food and even better desserts.

    Loving Alexi, knowing that she will never, ever know you or ever see you in person.

  3. Roald Dahl and Fast Times could be on there twice! Alexi do you have a red bikini?

  4. When you become obsessed with that one song and you listen to it on repeat for days.

    Beds. Big cozy beds.

    Having an in-joke with a close friend and being a total jerk about it, posting the joke all over facebook and twitter and everyone being like “wah? what a jerk!”, but you feel special because only you and your friend knows what it means.

  5. 16. Wonderland Avenue elementary school in Laurel Canyon.

    my childhood playground 🙂

  6. Keeping in touch with this site and listening to Boy Crazy Radio to know neurosis is common, especially if a cute girl can blog about it…so, yah, the world can’t be that bad right?

  7. Oh, I forgot…picking your nose when no one is watching aaaaand getting away with it.

    No, don’t agree, girls do not pick their nose.

  8. you get me

    #47 and 54-56

    I love you alexi xoxo

  9. 76. Sleep, after 2 weeks of 10 hour days with no time off.

  10. wonderland ave! my old school! my best memories are from those times. i seriously owe my happy childhood to it. best teachers and environment hands down. did you attend as well?

  11. I love your lists! Amen to 75!

  12. Woo woo Ernest!! he used to be my boss. 🙂 Speaking of, Alexi, we have so many Wasteland-y friends in commmon lets hang out next time I’m in LA/you’re in NYC. I’m so creepy!

  13. No offence but that was a waste of about 10 mins of my life, I’m greatful that I’m not a regular reader, you’re aiming to have an abortion? How about you keep it in your pants, get on protection or just don’t hoe yourself out, …. Abortions as an aim? Seriously!
    I’m also greatful your already in theropy… For the love of god don’t leave it!
    ….abortions! SERIOUSLY!

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