BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 101):


1. dear dudes, stop letting me know during casual conversation the first half-hour into our first date about how average your private is. I know I don’t seem it, but i’m very old-fashioned and like to take my time before I’m disappointed.

2. people fall into two categories: those who receive push notifications, and those who aren’t lame/addicted to social media/desperate. don’t be the former.

3. nothing reinforces being a woman more than sending a long-winded emotional unwarranted text to a guy you know doesn’t want or need to hear any of the information you’re texting.

4. be careful girls: sometimes powder can age you up like 4-6 years.

5. you never know what’s around the corner! that’s the most exciting AND terrifying thing about life! let that bring you hope!?

6. if you’re at the point where you’re in the BATH TUB texting… you’ve got full-blown phone addiction!

7. taking a biore strip off before it’s fully dried is a recipe for disaster! trust me; I’m still waiting for the layer of skin i lost to grow back.

8. let love catch you. you shouldnt have to work so hard for something if it’s right. so keep running around; working, dating, and spending time with family & friends – keeping busy, etc. and let the love that’s supposed to find you catch up and run with you.

9. if you wouldn’t walk out of the store wearing it, don’t buy it.

10. dear Instagram: we’re ready for direct messaging and to know if someone follows us back. just copy twitter! it’s SO easy!

5 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 101):”

  1. Thanks for #8. Needed the reminder!

  2. I wish you’d used a different phrase than “reinforces being a woman” for number three. Maybe “reinforces your clingy qualities” or “reinforces the bad stereotypes given to women.” Big fan of these BLBs in general though. My favorite part of your blog.

  3. #3 #8 #9 i love you

  4. 3 . Dallas ?? hahha

    also,there is a texting app fpr instagram lame nam : instamessage…and its got a direct website in case you hadnt found out yet…which I didnt and when I found out I realized its not ALL on our phones #tragic !

  5. yeah, something powder ruins almost everything.

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