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1. when avoiding a call, remember not to instagram or tweet! it’s a dead giveaway that you’re dodging a call. yes, you can always say you were tweeting from your computer with your phone off… but who’s gonna believe that? plus, instagram is ONLY on your phone! be careful! always think at LEAST 2 steps ahead!!!

2. every second with the WRONG guy is a second you COULD be spending with the RIGHT guy.

3. just because you’re not getting the attention you want from the guy you like doesn’t mean you need to fill the void with another dude. it’s okay to be by yourself and not always be frantically searching for a new crush.

4. don’t shop in those tiny trashy boutiques on Melrose. you’re better than that!

5. always have pretzels and gingerale available at home. you never know when you’re gonna get the worst food poisoning ever and it’ll save you the trouble of calling a delivery service, asking the person you’re dating, or your parents for help.

6. never trust the guy at the party with a flask.

7. love who you are, love what you see. Hate who you are, hate what you see. (so true. via Jenny McCarthy)

8. try to avoid doing things that would humiliate you if the guy or girl of your dreams walked in on you.

9. i know I don’t need to say this but labret and nipple piercings are a complete no-no/deal breaker.

10. people being able to see whether or not you’ve read their message on Facebook really puts the pressure on! be aware of this annoying feature and avoid getting caught in a lie. you can no longer get away with saying ‘i never check my inbox.’ or ‘i never got your message.’ fuck you facebook!

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  1. Alexi,

    For the chat feature on facebook, I’m pretty sure that if you don’t click on the box and instead just leave it “flashing”, the person cannot see that you read the message even if you can see it! If you leave the conversation flashing and click on ‘x’, the message should remain unread!

    And if this isn’t true then I guess I’ve been appearing like a major asshole for months.

  2. No 9. I don’t understand any type of piercing except one per ear. Not into sucking on a piece of metal. And I don’t understand tatoos. Case in point, the girl in the pic is lovely except for what looks like a power ring bruse on her left side. As an artist I prefer an unmodified model.

  3. Yeah! So fuck you, Facebook!

  4. Just stopping by to say thanks to the great mind behind i’m Love it and mean it 😉

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