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Tonight/Wednesday December 26, 2012 9pm pst join me during ‘Boycrazy Radio’


Call in to ask a question, so together we can discuss and solve all your love, sex, dating, & overall life problems: 

(646) 378-0649


Click HERE to listen to LIVE show.


If you’re in another country, you can call in using gmail or Skype!


If you can’t call in during the live show, leave a message in the boycrazy voice-mailbox: (888)666-2045


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One Response to “Tonight 9pm “Boycrazy Radio” Call in! xx”

  1. Hey Alexi, I’ll be your little brother who does not jerk off to you…I’ll also be an armchair therapist…I’ll also rip off your, “Blind Leading the Blind,” shtick:

    (WARNING: This is a long post)

    1. You are not on drugs…fine…ask your therapist if it is possible you are: bipolar, borderline, or histrionic. Nothing wrong with any of the above, mind you. I’m sure you would be happier if you can put a name on what you are feeling.

    2. You are in this weird place where the habits you had before to avoid going into that, “dark place,” are no longer working. Once you find yourself super sizing it at a McDonald’s you probably should look into other, more productive, coping activities.

    3. This might drive you mad but in addition to holding off on, “the search,” how about spending more alone time with yourself?

    Here is a test: can you be by yourself and with yourself for a whole day without cell phone and social media and not tear off the wallpaper in your house?

    4. What you are going through is like a second adolescence. Just like when you were younger life pushed you into forming an identity–for some more painful than others–life is once again asking you to learn what you learned in your twenties and do something with it. Yes, adolescence sucks but it is something repeated throughout life.

    I hope this helps! Love your blog by the way!

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