BLOG » Want Me To Speak At YOUR High School Or College?


5 Responses to “Want Me To Speak At YOUR High School Or College?”

  1. Come to Boston University!

  2. I would contact the sororities and women groups at the various schools.

  3. If you had your writing compiled into a book then published then you could schedule book tours, lectures and speaking engagements at the various institutions within a variety of venues. You have more than enough material to publish a book or two maybe more. You already have an established audience and it will get your foot in the door. I never tell people what to do, I just give them advice and they can take it or leave it.

    With sentiments,

    Dr. Dan

  4. you rock. good for you. you are making a difference.

  5. Come back to Oakwood!! The juniors are now seniors with a whole new slew of problems!

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