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Tonight/Wednesday February 13, 2013 9pm pst join me during ‘Boycrazy Radio’


Call in to ask a question, so together we can discuss and solve all your love, sex, dating, & overall life problems: 

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6 Responses to “Tonight 9pm “Boycrazy Radio” Call in! xx”

  1. Awesome Alexi…does anyone say awesome anymore? Well, I just did…I have a relationship question that needs your help!

  2. Hey Alexi, I didn’t get to thank you last night for your advice…based on everything you said and everything I feel…I don’t think a friendship is going to work…so, I will just distance myself. Thanks again!

  3. comment about the door. I was once asked by my very young daughter who made more mistakes, another guy I worked with or myself. I told her I did. She got a very puzzled look on her face. I told her “You have to actually do something before you can make a mistake.”

  4. Wow, Alexi, nice story…this guy is a man and a keeper…he saw you puke and he still wants to be with you…better man than men…if a girl pukes–even if she has the stomach flu–I’m out! =)

  5. I think I’m your only fan listening live tonight =)

    Good luck with you dad tomorrow. I think you really love him but he has never told you how much he loves you…hence, your inability to be confident about receiving real affection–not sex but intimacy–from other men. If you are iffy on whether your dad loves and accepts you then you will be iffy with less meaningful men in your life.

    I also think you need a better therapist. Look into Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. It was developed by a woman for women. It’s very involved, daily therapy for a few weeks but I am sure you will meet many women you sympathize with and understand you.

    Also, I’m glad you are not drinking. Without the alcohol or sex, for that matter, you are going to be confronted with your emotions and it is probably going to be very painful. Hence, whey I think you need a better therapist. Here is a site for better therapists:

    I hope this helps. If I were in the same room with you I would give you a big hug because you need one =)

  6. Oh and kissing…there is nothing more intimate than a kiss. Sex is not as intimate as a kiss. For example porn stars and prostitutes will have sex but not kiss. Why? Because what they are doing does not involve intimacy and a kiss is always intimate.

    What I heard from both you and your caller is that a guys is, “good,” because he is tall and successful. I would never want a woman, especially a woman I potentially love, to describe me that way. I would rather hear, “I love spending time with him, he makes me laugh, he is always there for me…” Height and a job are not a reflection of character…so, these dudes sound good on paper but emotionally they are not there for you.

    So, in a long winded way, you don’t love them. That is why the kiss sucks. That’s it. They may look good by society’s standards but you just don’t love them. There is nothing wrong with that.

    Look at Sleeping Beauty she had to receive a kiss from her prince for her to wake up. That prince had to pass tons of emotional challenges before he braved kissing her–cutting through the brambles and thorns of the psyche, facing the defensive walls of the castle the princess hid behind, finally having the courage to be vulnerable in her sleep to receive a kiss. In the original story, after the princess awakes they talk for hours. The writer in his wisdom was showing what a good relationship looks like.

    Yes, I read way too much but you are an intelligent lady. So, you get the gist =)

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