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Tonight/Wednesday March 13, 2013 9pm pst join me during ‘Boycrazy Radio’


Call in to ask a question, so together we can discuss and solve all your love, sex, dating, & overall life problems: 

(646) 378-0649


Click HERE to listen to LIVE show.


If you’re in another country, you can call in using gmail or Skype!


If you can’t call in during the live show, leave a message in the boycrazy voice-mailbox: (888)666-2045


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4 Responses to “Tonight 9pm “Boycrazy Radio” Call in! xx”

  1. I admire how positive you are, and I used to really respect you. But now I realize you’re just as egotistical as I am. My phone died and you said I was a prank call based on me saying things that were too hard for you to comprehend. I have 3 sisters, I don’t look up to any of them. You inspire people to be themselves, but other than that, I’m not sure what I think of you.

  2. guy: she was fine with you. she gave real advice to you amidst getting a ton of prank calls. alexi isn’t usually so guarded but prank callers have been fucking with her for the past few weeks. and she still gave you good advice. she gave you #’s of people more qualified than her to help you and she said you’re enough no matter what. she took time with you and stayed on the phone and listened. and you’re mad at her for that?

  3. no I love Alexi, and I think she did give good advice. I’m just upset she didn’t want to continue my call. I do need professional help. It’s just never worked for me in the past.

  4. It would be a complete nightmare to have my future daughter discover your blog and stumble into that long, dark rabbit hole of insecure, sexual, hyper self aware boy obsession that creeps into the thought life of so many girls, starting at age 13.

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