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  1. This is in response to your discourse on the label “slut” in our society. Yes, it is a term of negative connotation and it is not fair that women and not men get labeled when they have an insatiable sexual appetite. Society even our dysfuctional and decadent one for psychological, social and genetic representational reasons hold women to a pedestal that they cannot come down from. Simply, women can do something that men are resentful they cannot do, that is become pregnant and have babies. Second, since ancient times women have represented the continuity of life and civilizations. Offspring, from cradle to grave via of attachment identify with the mother as a model for bonding and later coupling with another. So women via default are held to a higher social responsibility or inherit social contract. You said it before over and over to women out there. “Do not give up your power”


    Dr Dan
    Prof of Health Psychology and Behavioral Science.

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