BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 113):


1. if you’re gonna be an addict… at least be HIGH FUNCTIONING!

2. isn’t “Friends with benefits” more like “People who aren’t in love, fucking”?

3. show midriff… but NOT belly button.

4. i think we can all stop saying ‘pet peeve’ for the rest of our lives. it’s totally outdated & lame. how about ‘something that bothers me is…’?

5. one of the most POWERFUL ways Beyoncé has inspired me is by leading by example & giving me permish to not have tiny thighs but STILL feel sexy! i hope this makes you feel good too. #liberation

6. whatever Francis Bean and Lourdes do is RIGHT.

7. people fall into 2 categories: those who call California ‘Cali, and those who know better.

8. Do you ever wonder how many murderers & pedophiles you walk past every day without realizing it? Start.

9. ‘once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater’ is a saying i don’t agree with. i DO think if you cheat in ONE relationship & you’re taken back, you’ll cheat again. but different partners are different experiences.

10. stores that never seem to be open but never go out of business = human trafficking fronts.


3 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 113):”

  1. It bothers me when people say Cali/Cal. Like when I hear “yeah I’m from NorCal” that shit makes me cringe

  2. worse is when people say LA, It is Los Angeles.

  3. (1) Its never good to be an addict period. Its either you are functioning or functioning optimally or you are not. Guess you can check the GAF scores, but there as of May they are obsolete.
    (2)The term is “fuck buddy” its short term benefits do not result in good long term outcome in manyaspects.
    (4) agree, archaic where did it come from in the first place?
    (6) Who in the heck is Lourdes? 🙂 clueless……
    (7) I call it CAL works for me.
    (8) Ahem 🙁 I’m afraid Dr. Dan agrees with you on this one too.
    (9) Go with serial relationships, but don’t fritter away your time at the expense of the other person’s life as well.

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