BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 115):



1. in a perfect world, the guy you’re sleeping with is the same as the guy you like.

2. if the exercise calls for any more intense footwear than keds, don’t do it!

3. be a keeper, not a cheater.

4. drink coffee or don’t drink coffee, but don’t drink decaf coffee. fuck you!

5. just like guns, cellphones shouldnt be held up & pointed in someone’s direction. even if you’re JUST texting, it makes people in your line of fire feel uneasy.

6. all the resentment in a relationship begins during the trip to pick the other person up at the airport.

7. when vine or insta doesn’t upload a video you shot, don’t get upset. just think to yourself ‘god is looking out for my social life. this was meant to NOT be.’

8. the worst part about having scratches on your car AREN’T the scratches, it’s the weirdos who flag you down and try to get your attention to tell you they can do the body work for you at a cheap price!

9. stop fronting so hard! it’s embarrassing. WAY more embarrassing than NOT fronting!

10. dear bonehead, you can’t use driving as an excuse not to call someone. you can only use it as an excuse not to text.

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  1. yes on the cellphone/gun simile. quoted it on twitter @katieknutson

  2. What are your thoughts on polygamy?

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