BLOG » the blind leading the blind (part 117):


1. be with someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone.

2. today’s the day. be brave. tell your friend who posts too many Instagram photos back to back that they are clogging the feed and it’s not okay!

3. sometimes just having a 2 min chat with a guy you think is cute is enough to get over him.

4. it’s not the mean thing that the person said, it’s the fact that they would say something that they know could hurt your feelings.

5. people like lindsay lohan and paris hilton and reading tabloids in general taught me that it’s not out of the question and totally ok to have multiple outfit changes per day. and for that, i am forever thankful.

6. how about before you show people pictures on your phone, you delete some of your disgusting selfies, you  narcissistic fuck?

7. everyone who’s cool was probably at some point either emo or goth but are now past it but retain subtle fragments of it.

8.there’s nothing more passive aggressive than the ‘relax’ text response.

9. there’s nothing more passive aggressive than the ‘huh?’ text response.

10. this summer (and it’s slipping away quickly, so get on it!) is ALL ABOUT iced coffee with a shot of espresso (preferably from the coffee bean and tea leaf, cuz the ice is WAY more exciting).

5 Responses to “the blind leading the blind (part 117):”

  1. #10 is so crucial

  2. Loved the dis on your superfan….just confused….why do you have an address to send prezzies?

  3. it’s gone way beyond that.

  4. #6: Tyler the Creator takes selfies, thirsty ass (;

  5. coffee beans iced coffees are straight espresso why add another shot?

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