BLOG » SNL’S Newest, Coolest Cast Member: KYLE MOONEY

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  1. He reminds me of the dude from Poolside :

  2. Noooo. Noel Wells >>>>

  3. Oh god. Your type is “models”? REALLY? A tad confused as to how this dude — who is decent looking — had such a huge ego. Totally cute but cool it with the whole “I means I’m seeing a few people/I only date girls who are professionally good looking” shtick.

  4. i watched his other videos on youtube and he is just too funny. i was dying. great post

  5. Roman candles it was a joke. The whole thing was a comedy skit in the form of an interview. Do you not know what sarcasm is? He makes comedy videos! Thats how he gets his laughs! BY pretending to be an ass. Seriously, watch his youtube channel, or his channel with Beck Bennet called goodneighborstuff. He is incredibly funny.

  6. I’ll check them out, Shannon. Maybe I just missed something?

  7. Dating models is not something to aspire towards. It doesn’t mean you’re special… it just means you’re stupid and/or not looking towards the future. Once they hit 35, for the most part they stop getting booked. Now you have someone on your hands who has no real skills and needs to be taken care of for the rest of her life.

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