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“I, CHING” is the perfect gift for the holidays! It’s hilarious, smart, with a joke in every sentence! I’m NOT even exaggerating!

I’d forgotten how much i love reading AND laughing/LOL’ing… but this book reminded me!

“I, CHING” is a young adult novel chronicling the tumultuous tenth grade experience of Susan Ching.

Written by the uber talented hyphenate, Jarrett Grode: actor, writer, comedian!

Follow him on twitter @grodezone! I do!

And for the love of god, buy his bookI, CHING” and READ IT! I did! You won’t regret it!

happy holidays/xoxo/i love you, Alexi

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  1. Hey, Alexi! I suggest you look for the book “Iron and Silk” by Mark Salzman. It’s a true story about an American who grew up watching karate movies, and was inspired to learn Chinese. He moved to China to teach English….and to find Bruce Lee’s trainer. And that’s only a small part of his journey. It’s also a great movie with the real Salzman playing himself. Check it out!

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