BLOG » “ALL’S FAIR” a short film about love & heartache:

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  1. Very entertaining film, and regarding your relationship with Mr. Oregon. You have a quite an audience hoping that you will attach and that he will be your match 🙂 (Soul-Mate) so that you will find happiness in a relationship. If he is willing to pull a cigarette out of your mouth at the party then he cares about your well-being and that is a very good sign.


    Dr. Dan

  2. I loved this – thought it was really well done. Super funny and entertaining. Love the magnetic fields too!

  3. You should be really proud of this Alexi! I loved it – so poignant, entertaining and relatable (i.e. pretty much the essence of your writing). I’ve read your blog and listened to your podcasts for so long so its nice to see you in a different medium!


  4. Oh my god, this is beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye. I love it!

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