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Kyle Mooney, the funniest and main reason to watch the new season on SNL and HBO’s ‘Hello Ladies’, predicting pop culture’s future only a year ago!


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  1. It was through that interview that I found imboycrazy! You’re both fantastic.

  2. Maybe it’s because I quit smoking and I’m agitated but what the fuck happen to the Dan Ackroyds, John Balushi, Eddie Murphy’s of Saturday Night Live? Guys who were funny, get pussy and weren’t a fucking geek. When did SNL become the new Star Trek? When did SNL go from fucked up and irreverent to geeky and campy? Finally, when did it become cool to be a fucking geek?

    If women begin going lesbian it’s because of guys like this. Straight women don’t need dick, that’s what a dildo is for; a straight woman needs a man in her life and geeks like this just don’t cut it.

  3. I know, right?! A female friend of mine thinks this skinny little geek is hot, and I can’t figure it out. He’s short, super bony skinny, pale, hairy – like ALL over – and he’s not even that funny. He has really weird fingers and a nasally voice, a huge nose with two-different size nostrils – ah, forget it. I just had to vent in response to this idiot.

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