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  1. I was impressed by your radio show this past week where you went through an introspective examination of yourself. particularly, with regards to religion. In earlier, writings you wrote that you are not particularly religious because your it is your belief that religion separates people. Alas, that weakness is so true. However, one of its strengths is that it unites people when applied to a constructive purpose.
    Religion belief in a spiritually cosmic supernatural high power is culturally universal because it is a part of human nature (by the way you are very spiritually cosmic) There is something else about religion that its culturally universal. In almost every society and culture women are more religious than the men. Why? women use it as a cornerstone for the foundational base as to the home and life they want to live (INCLUDING MARRIAGE) as well as the boundaries, guideposts and fences that are established to chart’s life’s course.
    You are a talented young woman (WITH GIRL POWER) caught and torn between three worlds, Judaism, Agnosticism and Christianity and made further problematic that you were raised without boundaries. This topsy turvy approach to the sea of life has contributed much to your insecurities and inferiorities as you so believe as experienced at the Beverly Hills Hotel Lounge. You have a tremendous spirit within you to make the guiding choices and chart out a course that is better and different from that of your parents. There is no reason for a rerun (excuse the pun).
    With Sentiments 🙂
    Dr. Dan

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