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1. after having sex while on your period & your inner thighs are covered in blood; i think a funny thing to do would be to start screaming “My baby! My baby! What have you done with my baby?”

2. probably best to just take off your necklace BEFORE giving the blowjob… cuz it’s GONNA be an issue, so you may as well save yourself the trouble.

3. just accept the fact that every single place that serves food is FILTHY!

4. it’s so much more special when the audiobook is read by the author.

5. there should be a channel that ONLY plays FRIENDS #calmingtelevision

6. try to express your love for your significant other the way i do by saying something along the lines of: “even though nobody else does, I love you… but that could change at any moment.”  I know that might sound mean, but trust me… you’ve got em RIGHT where you want em.

7. sometimes I look back at ALL the men I’ve slept with & think “It’s a miracle I don’t have AIDS or an STD!” If your an ex boyfriend of mine, this isn’t about you… I’m talking about all the guys I slept with in between the actual guys that mattered.

8. if the guy you’re dating buys one ply toilet paper, break up with him immediately. clearly he doesn’t care about HIMSELF, so how could he possibly care about YOU?!

9. Facebook is so O V E R.

10. if he’s in his thirties and your boyfriend is starting physical fights with people after a few drinks… someone needs to hit his reset button and remind him that he’s an adult and not a cast member on real housewives of Atlanta. adults don’t brawl. we use our BRAINS and ignore trivial losers we want to punch.

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  1. i feel like i only come here for the pictures now….

  2. Don’t have sex on you period in a motel. I ran a motel and when one of the girls went into a room it looked like someone was murdered in the bed as there was blood everywhere.

    We contacted the police and gave them the name and address of the person who rented the room. He had to explain the blood and prove the girl that was with him was ok.

    It is also why I will never sleep in a motel room again. You cannot get it clean.

  3. (1) Gross 🙁
    (2) Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil could not have done better.
    (3) Look for Grade posted on the front window. If its an “A” then its O.K. Anything below may G-d have mercy on you because the food won’t.
    (6) Thats a sign of a serial emotional torturer.
    (7) Congratulations! Do you want a metal! for stepping through a mine field.
    (8) I missed the meaning of this one. Alexi can u help me.
    (9) Facebook is where you collect people not develop relationships.
    (10) The trailer to trouble. Goodluck in court 🙁

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