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ALEXI IN BED with SOKO: ‘Soko Sings A Song’ BONUS VIDEO!

Tonight ‘BOYCRAZY RADIO’ – CALL IN! #AdviceHotline


TONIGHT I’m Hosting a Benefit For Clean Water In Africa. If you’re in or around Healdsbug, BE THERE! TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE:


dazzle ME!

I used to be so grateful when a guy liked me. So thankful he had put his attention on me. Until one day, I grew up and became a bit more discerning. I realized that I have a say in who I let into my life. That they should be so lucky to be inside me and a part of my world. Just because they were skinny or stylish or just, well, a dude- didn’t mean they were the be all, end all. just because they were men, and spending time with me, didn’t mean they were gods and that i had to be appreciative of the fact that they chose me. me! i don’t know exactly WHEN i realized that I’m just as important as i thought they were, but I’m so happy that day came! it’s changed me forever and for that i am grateful! Unfortunately, I really love make outs- so I still made out a ton after i had this epiphany! But at least it was much more thought out and i was the one doing the choosing.

Tonight ‘BOYCRAZY RADIO’ with guest KEVIN CHRISTY #AdviceHotline



Tonight: ‘BOYCRAZY RADIO’ with JENNY O. #AdviceHotline #BeThere


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